Pai Organic Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Organic 250 gm
Rs. 460.00Rs. 360.00
Brand: Pai Organic Color: Whitish Features: Diatomaceous Earth prepared From Natural Earth Minerals By Using Advanced Formula To...
Pai Organic Natural Ant Repellent 100ml
Rs. 289.00Rs. 249.00
Brand: Pai Organics Features: Ant spray is 100% organic and safe repellent for ant infestation. As it contains...
Pai Organic Plant Care kit | Compost | Plant Pesticide | Potting Soil | Soil Booster Combo
Brand: Pai Organics Features: Content:- Pack of 4, Vermicompost, Plant pesticide (Plant Protector), Potting Soil, Soil Booster. Source...
Rs. 149.00
Properties: Vegifit is formed by herbal, organic and 100% safe ingredients use to wash away all the bacterial...
Pai Organics Activated Charcoal Natural Air Purifier Pack of One 200gm
Rs. 499.00Rs. 399.00
Brand: Pai Organics Color: charcoal Features: Non-Electric Air Purifier, 200 gm. 100% non-toxic, scentless, safe around children and...
Pai Organics Anti Mosquito Repellent Natural Insect Spray 100 ml
Rs. 250.00Rs. 199.00
Brand: Pai Organic Color: Yellowish Features: 100% Effective, Safe, and Eco-Friendly Mosquito Repellent Spray - Repel mosquitoes organically and creates a...
Pai Organics Anti Mosquito Spray And Ant Spray Combo Pack, 100 ml Each
Rs. 538.00Rs. 457.00
Brand: Pai Organics Features: The anti-mosquito spray has a natural blend of essential repellent oils such as citronella,...
Pai Organics Boric Acid Powder – 250 gm, pure fine powder
Rs. 449.00Rs. 249.00
Brand – Pai Organics Item Form – Powder Bullet Point Used as an antiseptic – It is used...
Pai Organics Certified Organic Bed Bug Killer Pack of One 250gm
Rs. 349.00Rs. 331.00
Brand: Pai Organics Color: Natural Features: This bed bug killer is made up of advanced herbal formula enriched...
Pai Organics Citronella Essential Oil Steam Distilled 30 ml
Rs. 749.00Rs. 649.00
Features: Insect Repellent - Citronella features a strong reputation for repelling mosquitoes. Its Musky, Citrusy, and Fresh Aroma,...
Pai Organics Concentrated Insect Repellent Natural Pest Control 250ml
Rs. 499.00Rs. 449.00
Brand: Pai Organics Features: Concentrated insect repellent is made with organic neem extracts. Protects from dengue and malaria....
Pai Organics Epsom Bath Salt And Lavender Oil Combo Pack 15ml
Rs. 648.00Rs. 549.00
Brand: Pai Organics Features: Add Epsom Salt to a foot bath to soothe tired, aching, and itchy feet...
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