Pai Organics Rat Repellent Spray 100ml

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  • Made by natural blends of essential oil like Neem, Black Pepper, and Thyme extract.

  • Organic product to fight with rat/mouse repels all them up to 24 to48 hours.

  • Made by a formula that will fight against rodent infestation and leave a pleasing fragrance.

  • 100% safe for humans.

  • It irritates the rodents' sensory organs and nerve system which is enough to direct rodents out of the contact area.

How to use:

  1. Spray the dilution inside your car bonnet, under front and back seat, inside dicky, and inside back and front bumper.

  2. Use this spray daily for a week (7 days), and then use it on alternative days.


Having rodent infestation might be dangerous as they will gnaw through the wire. Rat killer is employed to getting obviate all headaches that we've thanks to rodents especially rats. Made by natural blends of essential ingredients.


  • Keep it far away from eyes and skin, use gloves while using this.

  • Don’t store it under direct sunlight.


Neem oil 10%, oil of cloves 10%, peppermint oil 15%, DM water 55%, Black Pepper 5%, Thymine 5%.