An insect which are useful for human and not have any poison

We all think pest are just troublemaker little insect. All they can do is ruining are crops, garden, and create annoyance. But you will be surprised to know there are pest that are actually beneficial for your garden, flowers and crops.

“Pollination is vital for world existence.” Pollinators plays important role in biodiversity of plants.

There are some pests that are actually beneficial for your plants and ecosystem as well. Some of these beneficial pest work as pollinators. Some of these help your plant to boost up his health and life. Beneficial pests also take part in protecting your plants.

Some beneficial pests are bliss for soil as they increase the soil fertility. Let us discuss some mostly used beneficial pests and their uses.


These are the creepy crawlies that can freaks you out but are blessing for soil. Earthworm roam in the soil and that makes the way for air and water circulation.

Earthworms provide needed nutrients and better drainage ability to the soil.

Earthworms often called as nature’s first gardener. That helps with topsoil rebuilding.

Earthworms produce excreta that act as organic fertilizer.

Lady bugs

Lady bird prays on various plant eating insect such as mites, scalp, thrips, etc. having more ladybugs in the garden can help you with pests control that means less use of pesticides.

Lady birds are able to consume 50-60 aphids a day.

There exists more than 5000 species of lady birds. Lady bugs species differ from each other by colors, and spot on them. They can be orange, red, black, yellow and brown in color with or without having spots on their wings.

The common species we can see usually have red or orange color in addition with or without up to 12 spot on wings.

Praying mantis

praying mantis

Praying mantis can feed on soft body insect such as aphid, mosquito, and caterpillars even in young stage. When they reach to mature state they can consume grasshopper, crickets, beetle and almost every garden insect.


Lacewings are beautiful creature that can you can find in your garden. They can increase your garden beauty having big lace like wings. Lacewing feed on flower nectar, in addition to that moth eggs, aphid, caterpillar, and mites.


As we have discussed earlier too pollination is important.  Bees plays vital role for that. Bees have especially good vision and choose the nectar with different color flower. They are highly attracted to blue, purple, violet, white, and yellow color.

Hour flies

Hour flies are often considered as wasp and bees because of their almost similar structure. Same as lacewings, hour flies larvae feed on aphids. (aphid are usually hard to reach)

Ground beetles

Ground beetle usually prays on slugs, caterpillar, and ants. They eat food equal to their body weight.

In some cases ground beetle helps with reducing weed population as they sometimes feed on fallen weed seeds too.

Beetle are known as scavenges so they provide the nutrient back to soil by recycling as they on dead animal, fallen leaves, etc.

Honey bee


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