Are lizard repellents effective? How do they work?

Lizards are good to have in the home as they control the insect population from your house. Lizards prey on mosquitoes and flies and play an essential role in the ecosystem.

Still, they are only somewhat safe to keep in the house. They are scary enough to keep them out of the house. There is one sight that can make you screen and run. Along with that, they do spread nuisance with their leftover. And it can be poisonous if lizards pee or leave their shredding and feces in food.

Home lizards

More than 4000 species of lizards from that common house gecko and Carolina anole are the most common lizards we found in a household.

Common house gecko has 3-6 inches-long flat bodies, typically brown, green, or gray with spotted pattern. These lizards mainly enter the home during winter. Similarly, Carolina anole is another species found in the house and is about 5-8 inches long in size.

What attracts lizards?

Reptiles often don’t even consider pests. But they still possess trouble and nuisance, which make them unwanted in their homes. And to terminate them, eliminating the root cause is also necessary.

Like any other pests, food, and water are also significant attractions of lizards. Lizards usually eat spiders, flies, worms, etc. Pet bowls and leakage pipes are the primary sources of water that pests love to stay around. Lizards also look for a dark and warm place to stay. And houses have many of them that make the perfect environment for lizards.

How to get rid of the lizard?

Focusing more on finding the place lizards stay in and terminating them will also indirectly end the lizard population in your house.

Seal entry points

Block the way from which lizards can make the entrance to your home. Stopping them from entering your home will eventually decrease the population of the lizards in your home.

Natural lizard repellents

When natural lizard repellents are concerned, there are two choices. You can make your DIY repellent to deal with lizards or use ready-to-use lizard repellent to kill them.

While buying lizard repellent, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is for outdoor or indoor use. Lizard repellent can contain highly chemical substances. Also, check the scent, natural ingredients, and ease of use for effectiveness and safety.

Lizard repellents are available in spray and have the instant working ability with a strong odor. They provide fast and effective results. And they need to use it with care as labeled in the instructions.

Plant to deter lizard

Other than lizard-repellent plants can be used to keep them at bay. It is an effective way to eliminate them. Peppermint and eucalyptus are especially effective in maintaining lizards at bay. Unfortunately, lizard dislikes the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus and doesn’t cross the smell for entering your house.

How does lizard repellent work?

natural lizard repellent


Not all lizard repellent kill lizards. They deter them. Disgusting strong odor makes lizards go crazy. Spray can give a burning sensation in their eyes and body, making them run for life. Some repellents that terminate/ kill the lizard include chemicals to poison the lizard.


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