Best mosquito repellent plant for indoor

Some plants are not just an ornament. They can do way more than being an ornament. Some plants are great repellent for mosquitoes. Do we know how bothering mosquitoes are? And not just that they transfer disease too.

To repel mosquitoes we have a variety of sprays, gel bait, and other solutions as well. But what is better than using something eco-friendly. Plants like lavender will keep mosquitoes at bay in addition with that increase beauty of the house.

Let us dig in to know about some mosquito-repelling plants.

Plants work as mosquito repellent

The ultimate Catnip

In a study of mosquito repellent plants, it is revealed that catnip is one of the best solutions for mosquitoes. Catnip works better than Deet (the commonly used ingredient in mosquito repellent).

Catnip can be planted at the edges of your accommodation to keep the mosquito away. Catnip is a mint family plant and is useful to keep away some other pests as well.

Citronella the great mosquito repellent

citronella - ultimate mosquito repellent


When it comes to natural solutions citronella is a widely used substance, whether it is a citronella candle or citronella plant. This plant produces citronella oil which keeps insects or mosquitoes away.

Citronella is a very low maintenance plant, its perennial plant (grow gains year after year).

Note – Citronella is indeed a good mosquito repellent plant but it is toxic to cats or dogs so if your pets avoid having citronella as a mosquito repellent.

Lavender beauty of the house

The Lavender plant has a beautiful purple bloom. These purple blooms not only increase the vision of your house and garden. But the lavender plant has essential oil on its leaves that will undo the mosquito's ability to smell.

Marigold annual flower

marigold as mosquito repellent


Marigolds are a delight in the garden and home. Marigold emits the smell that keeps mosquitoes at bay. You can place the marigold on the entrance to keep bugs away from the house.

Marigold also keeps the aphids, whiteflies, and thrips away.


One greater mosquito repellent is rosemary. Rosemary is well known for its herb effect. Rosemary's woody smell keeps the pest away, in addition to mosquitoes it also keeps cabbage moths away.

These plants can be best for all climates but it is ideal for winters.

Basil as mosquito repellent

If you are looking for an easy and low-maintenance solution for mosquitoes, this is for you. Basil acts as a great repellent for flies as well.


mosquito repellent


Geraniums are fast working mosquito repellent; they groom and glow very quickly. Geraniums are citrus-scented plants, and citrus smell pests detest. Similarly, mosquitoes also can’t stand near geranium plant scent.

Note – Same as citronella, pets are also not safe around geranium.

Refreshing mint

We are all familiar with the taste of mint, it’s very refreshing. But this is not the only thing mint does, this perennial plant scent is indeed refreshing for us but not for mosquitoes and other pests.

Mint is also one of the most prominent plants to keep the bugs away.

Origanum marjoram

The active substances in this plant carvacrol, thymol, α terpinene to name a few make this plant very effective against the mosquito. It is also a very good herb for menstruation and digestion.

All the plants we have talked about above has a scent that mosquito can’t stand or hate. That is why they work as a great repellent in addition to that also not harmful to the ecosystem. And safe to use as they don’t include harmful chemicals.





  • Mar 31, 2022
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