Best natural pest control – Simple hacks for your home

Having natural products or methods to deal with any problem is a blessing for any organic lover. Pests like roaches, ants, rodents, lizards, and bed bugs, are such a nuisance, and along with that, they spread bacteria and diseases. A pest control product is the best approach to deal with roaches but not always safer unless they are a natural product.

So let us learn about a few tricks and techniques to deal with pests.

Cleaning is key/must

The dirty and unhygienic place is a favorite place for pests. An untidy place is like inviting them to your place and asking them to stay forever.

Keep the kitchen and bathroom area clean. These two places have the most water use and moisture and warmth are big needs of pests. Wipe the kitchen counter, sink, under sink area, bathroom, and washbasin after use. Don’t let any food particles, or crumbs spilled here and there. Wipe the floor with disinfectant at least once a day.

Keep the bathroom clean and dry, and use toilet cleaner to clear the pot on alternative days. Keep the bathroom free from moisture. Make sure that drains are not clogged condition, and clean them properly.

These little tricks may not eliminate the pest problem. But it will make sure that problem doesn’t spread and become severe. Cleaning is the most important factor and plays a vital role to keep the pest out. Cleaning reduces the level of pest and also make sure that your house doesn’t get infested again.

Standing water

For mosquitoes standing water is the perfect place to bread. Don’t let standing water collect around your house, solve the drainage problem if you have one. Mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, zika virus, etc. Don’t give them chance to bread near the house. Otherwise, they will get hard to control.

For example, clean the AC (air conditioner) excess water, and change the water of the birds’ pot on daily basis. Make sure either you dump out every source of standing water collection or clean them every day.

Seal peck used food

Don’t keep the leftover food, if have to keep them in an airtight container. Throw away the rotten fruit or vegetable. Also, don’t keep the overly ripe fruit for long period. These kinds of food, fruits, and vegetable attract flying insects.

Dump the garbage

Garbage often invites mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, and many other pests. If liquid waste is also dumped out in the garbage can it can make things even worse. Proper and everyday disposal of garbage waste is necessary.

  • Apr 04, 2023
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