Best natural pest control strategy – Pros & cons

Pests let never live us alone in peace. They invade our privacy wherever we go be it in the garden, homes, picnic, etc. When these pests are outside of our home and garden we are still fine with it. But the very time they invade our home our problem starts.

It becomes essential to deal with these pests immediately, otherwise, they can cause big trouble. Pests can be controlled in two ways naturally or by chemical use. Both strategies have pros and cons associated with them.

Although most people just go with pesticides to get fast and easy solutions. But they don’t think about the side effects of pesticide services. Today we are going to find out about the pros and cons related to natural pest control strategies.

List of natural pest control strategy

Natural pest control is the safest way to deal with the little devil in the house and garden. There is some myth that pests can’t be killed using a natural substance, hard to use and messy. But natural ways are very easy to use and non-toxic solutions.

Organic/natural pesticides

Natural pesticides are the alternative to chemical-based pesticides. They are safer to use and have easy application. See the users’ interest in organic solution lot of industries came with natural pest control products. You just have to find the right one for your pest problem. is the leading website for internationally approved natural pest control products.

Natural barriers or physical barrier

Just like kings used to create barriers to protect their kingdoms from the enemy. You can do the same for your enemy name as pests. With the barrier, we have two options either to set a physical barrier like a window screen, polyester, or wire net.

Or we can also go with a natural barrier like using a plant (rosemary plant for example) to chase the inset away. You can also create the barrier using natural ingredients such as Neem spray, garlic, essential oils, vinegar, lemon & clove, etc.

Pros of natural pest control

This is the righteous way to get rid of the way without harming your health and environment. This may sound low an impact solution for some but natural pest control is as effective as any other solution even better.

  1. Pest doesn’t develop resistance against the natural solution.

  2. The long-term solution for pest problem in addition to this is no harm to the environment

  3. Safe for kids, toddlers, golden age people, and pets in the house

  4. Less or no odor, some ingredient like essential oil has a pungent smell to pests but not irritating for us.

  5. Chemical-free, 100% non-toxic solution

Natural pest control has become the choice of many. And the reason for choosing it is simply the safety of you and your family from harmful chemicals.

Cons of natural pest control

Nothing is perfect in the world, everything that has benefits also has some disadvantages.

  1. A little bit more costly than the chemical-based product.

  2. The natural solution doesn’t show immediate results and requires patience.

  3. If you are going for DIY pest control requires more resources to make your repellent.

  4. Some particular treatments require need to use of the solution frequently and many times to get rid of pests completely.


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