Best organic insecticide to kill cockroaches?

Cockroach! These little home invaders bring several diseases. So it’s getting crucial to get rid of mosquitoes at the first encounter of infestation. You have many choices to get rid of mosquito organic pesticide, gel bait, and spray, to name a few.

But what comes first is what type of roaches you have in your house. If you know your enemy then it is one step easier to deal with them.

What cockroach type invades your home

get rid of roaches organically


There are more than 4500 species of roaches but not all of them invade your home. Only a few of them love to invade your homes such as German Cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Brown-banded Cockroaches.

German Cockroaches

German roaches are the most common roach species found in the home. They are difficult to get rid of as well unlike other species.

German roaches' problem spread so fast as female roaches carry and protect their egg until they hatch. And each egg can hold 20-40 baby roaches.

American Cockroaches

American roaches are another most common species that can easily see in homes. They have the longest life spans (they can live for 2 years). They can be one to three-inch-long in size.

Organic pesticides for roaches

Roach Gel Bait – Cockroach Dot

Using this DIY gel bait solution can help you, in terminating roaches. Pai organics cockroach dot is an organic, hassle-free, and non-toxic solution against the roach problem.

cockroach dot


Gel bait is one of the most effective and easy solutions to keep the roaches at bay. To use this solution apply the grain size like gel at every corner of the house or infestation room. Then leave a dot every 10 linear feet for heavy infestation.
Don’t leave the place like drawers in the kitchen, cupboards, shelf corners, and behind the refrigerators. If you see the nest of roaches or found roach eggs place the dots there also.

Note – Don’t apply the gel bait in places with moisture, it can reduce or end the gel's ability to kill roaches.

Roach Injection – gel bait with advanced Neem power

Pai organics cockroach dot injection with neem is an advanced version of cockroach dot. It comes with the extra power of Neem and provides advanced protection against cockroaches. It is a DIY solution and comes with a ready-to-use formula.

cockroach killer injection


The user just has to apply the dots to terminate the roach problem. It has a special injection syringe-like structure that makes it easy to use for everyone. Follow the instruction well for quick and better results.

Roach dot injection is somewhat similar to cockroach gel in terms of application. So follow the same rules of using cockroach gel bait mentioned above.

Spray for roaches – General pest control

The spray is usually counted as a fast and easy-to-use solution and also safe if you have kids or pets. As sprays don’t leave any residue. So it will not be possible for your kids and pets to pick up on residue and consume it.

general pest control


So there is the solution to rescue you. General pest control is an organic solution to keep not only roaches but all home pests at bay. It is a blend of essential oil (plant oil).

It comes in concentrated form so you need to dilute it with water for use. After diluting with water, fill up the spray bottle with solution, and the spray is all ready to use.

Organic earth minerals – Diatomaceous earth for roaches

Diatomaceous earth is a powder made of earth minerals. It is an effective solution to the cockroach problem. Apply the dusting of the powder where roaches have been seen, or use it near and on cockroach nests.

diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth works on the dehydration process. When roaches come in contact with the powder, this solution will dehydrate them until roaches die.

We don’t always have to opt for chemicals to get rid of pets. We can also select an alternative solution. Organic solutions are also as effective as any other chemical-based product in addition to safety.

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