Best ways to protect babies and kids from mosquito

“Wow, today is a great feast today” this must be what mosquitoes think when going out during dusk. Sucking your blood is mosquitoes’ favorite job along with buzzing in your ear. And off-course why not it’s their food after all. But this is not only what they do, they also transfer some dangerous diseases into your body.

Mosquitoes are tiny insect that doesn’t suck only your blood, but they bite kids too. You can somehow protect yourself. But kids are depends on you to keep them safe from these nasty pests.

You might use a coil, or chemical spray to keep mosquitoes out of your house. But do you think it will make safe air for your child to breathe in?

Ways to keep mosquitoes away from babies

Minimize skin exposure

Make sure to dress your baby with minimum exposure to the skin. Covering there to protect from a mosquito is the best way to use it for kids.

Also, choose a lightweight or such fabric so that air can easily pass through the clothes. Don’t let wear skirts like clothes during the evening for going outsides. You should choose light-colored clothes as well or a less appealing color. As dark colors attract the mosquito.

Use mosquito repellent

Use mosquito repellent spray or spray before taking them outside, especially during dusk and dawn.

Before applying any product to your kids make sure to choose the product carefully. Consider the fact that kids have very sensitive skin types. Select the repellent according to their age.

organic mosquito repellent spray


If your baby is less than 2 months old then don’t use any kind of repellent or chemical on them. You can use full-length clothes and a mosquito net to protect them from mosquitoes.

For a more than 2 months old baby, you can choose repellent with up to 30% deet. But it would be best to choose a repellent with as much less chemical as possible. So my suggestion is to go for organic products than chemical-based products.

Keep your home safe from mosquito

Keeping home safe from mosquitoes means keeping family safe from mosquitoes. Use a mesh net or screen so mosquitoes can’t enter your home in the first place. Use mosquito repellent spray to kick stubborn mosquitoes, which have entered somehow.

Pai organics mosquito repellent is an organic lemon eucalyptus oil-based mosquito repellent. The product is specially designed to keep you and your home safe from nasty mosquitoes. It doesn’t include any chemicals so 100% harmless, and non-toxic product.

Dump water standing water source

Standing water is a big source of developing mosquito problems nearby. Mosquito breeds in stagnant water. Make sure to clear all standing water sources. Flip the object like tire empty buckets upside down or keep them under shade so water can’t collect in them.
And for pots, birds' water sources, and pets' water sources clean them and change their water regularly. So that mosquitoes cannot bread in those water sources. Also, don’t let water collect around the house.
Babies have sensitive skin and not fully developed organs. So keep them safe from these tiny but dangerous pests.

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