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Pests are the most dangerous thing that exists on this earth. They are very tiny in size but cause big damage. Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, and also rodents like rats, who aren’t aware of them. They only look small but they can harm you very badly even can make you hospitalized. They are mostly found in houses, factories but now they have made their reach to the offices also. And why not they are made to irritate every person.

In this case, all we do is call pest control to get rid of pests as soon as possible and spent a lot of money as pest control services charge a lot. Only a few people try to search for online products and even fewer find the right product. And the one who finds the right product sometimes due to not knowing the right way to use it they don’t get good results. And they also either switch to pest control services or try many different products to get the best result.

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So we will talk about the products and the way using those products to get better or best result. So that we can save our money that unintentionally wastes on wrong products.

Cockroach Dot

Firstly we will talk about that annoying or creepy pest which we mostly found in our kitchen. And somehow come back again even after getting rid of them. Yes, I am talking about cockroaches, cockroaches are very nuisance and filthy and hard to get rid of because they came back again and again. Use COCKROACH DOT this product is made with natural ingredients. The only active ingredient which is added in this is Phipronil and that too only 0.05% which is an internationally approved amount to kill a cockroach.

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How to use Cockroach Dot

It’s very easy to use all we need to do is just apply the small dot of this gel  every 1-meter distance wherever we have an infestation or around that place.

We need to use 3 to 5 dots in a 1-meter distance for many infestations, and 1 to 3 dots in a 1-meter distance for less infestation. And it is suggested to use the complete tube in one go from which 70% part inside the infestation area and the rest 30% part outside the infestation area. (know more about how to use)

Natural Ant Killer and Repellent

In the rainy season, we usually see ant trails going here and there. If this happens sometimes then there is no issue we are generally fine with it but when this started happening more frequently and in more numbers, at that point, these ant trails start irritating or annoying us. And we are completely aware of ant bites; ant bites give so much itchiness and create red marks or bumps on our body where ant bites.

Natural Ant Killer is the product that can get you completely rid of this problem. This is in liquid form which is made by natural product extracts like Clove, Neem, and Peppermint. It’s non-toxic and Deet-free.

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How to use

You just have to spray Ant killer at the place where you see the ant trails or spray it at the place you find the home of these ants. Ants usually create the hole near the place where the trail around.

Ant leaves a scent behind, considering that scent all the ants follow the one ant. And this ant killer will clear the ants' scent and leave its fresh fragrance.

Mosquito killer

We all are well aware of the one-name mosquito; they are so small in size but spread very dangerous diseases like malaria, chikungunya, and dengue. A mosquito buzzes in our ear in almost all the seasons but they made their presence in especially in the rainy or summer season.

However, mosquitoes buzzing in-ear are enough to steal our peace and disturb our relaxed state. But the one quality they have of making others sick with a dangerous illness put out the question of “How to get rid of mosquito” in front of us. And by sick of this question, we use Coil and Good Knight which easily we find at our nearby store. But we forget that the product we are using to save us from mosquitoes is making us even sicker with the chemical Coil or Good Knight includes to kill mosquitoes.

These chemicals are not at all good for our respiratory system and damage our lungs.

We can use a natural product like Mosquito Killer to get rid of mosquitoes without even harming our bodies in any terms. As it is made by all-natural extracts like Citronella, Lemon, Neem, and Tulsi extracts. It is Deet free and Non-toxic.

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How to use

To use mosquito killer all you need to do is spray this liquid all over your house corners, under the bed, behind the curtains, fridge, and doors, near the wardrobe corners especially at the place where you store your magazines and newspaper as these things attract mosquitoes.

This mosquito killer/ mosquito repellent contains a fresh fragrance of lemon which makes us feel good instead of irritating.

General Pest Control

We don’t have the pest problem only inside our home but we had this problem outside our home too. We generally care about the pest problem which we have inside our home but we forgot one thing that pests don’t take birth inside the home they enter our house from outside. So we also need to get rid of the problem which we have in our mini garden and surrounding of our home too.

This is a concentrated solution that is made by natural ingredients, even the active ingredients are also made by natural ingredients. It’s a completely organic product, which is 100% non-toxic.

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How to use

Using the process of this product is very easy, mix this concentrated solution with water, fill the ready solution into a spray bottle and spray all over the place where you think pests can take place. And don’t forget to spray it to the corners and joints of the wall.

This is recommended to avoid spray this solution directly on the plant leaves.

You can also use this solution inside the home like inside the bed and the corner of the house as it’s completely organic.

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