Buy the best organic pesticide for your garden

Everyone loves their garden. But the happiness turns into tension as soon we encounter bugs or pests on our precious plants. The safety of the garden from pests is essential. But do you think using chemical pesticides will keep your precious plants safe?

Pesticides include a lot of chemicals that may instantly deal with the pesticides. But pesticide decreases the natural defensive power of plants. When you use pesticides for your fruits or vegetable plants chemicals affect the fruit and vegetable too.

And you consume the chemicals indirectly through the vegetable grown by yourself.

Organic in place of chemical pesticide

Organic pesticides are safer to use for your garden. Sometimes organic pesticides may not work as fast as chemical-based ones. But they are safe for your plants, and indirectly your health. Here is a list a of few garden care products to keep the bugs away from your garden.

Neem oil

Neem oil is a natural insect killer that works for almost every plant. Neem oil kills the plant by directly spraying process. It is a natural and effective way to terminate the bugs from your garden.

To make the neem oil spray dilute a few drops of liquid soap, a few drops of neem oil, and water. Mix it well and neem oil spray is all ready to terminate the bugs in your garden.

Plant Protector

Plant protector is an alternative solution for organic lovers. It kills a variety of insects present in the garden such as leaf-feeding caterpillars, worms, etc. it can be used on fruits, vegetables, flowers, and any other kind of plant.

Plant protector doesn’t harm any beneficial insects honey bees and butterflies to name a few. It doesn’t have any residue effect that can cause side effects or harm your plant and nature. It is also a safe-to-use, eco-friendly product.

Soil protection and increased nutrients

Keeping the soil healthy is one of the best organic solutions to put insects at bay. We can soil health in many ways.

The first thing is to keep changing soil from time to time. Also, try to add compost to the soil once in a soil. Compost will increase the nutrient value of soil and will promote fast and healthy growth of the plant. Generally, compost addition should be done once every 3 months, but it varies with plant type.

Sometimes we need a boost value of nutrients for soil that compost can’t fulfill. Some chemical is available to do so but they come with side effect (Chemical gives an instant boost to the soil but decreases soil’s capability).

Soli booster is an organic product to boost the soil nutrient value without any side effects. It is made up of micronutrients that fulfill the mineral or nutrient deficiency of soil. It improves soil aeration and enriches the soil with microorganisms.

High-pressure water

Water is always good for plant growth. Watering the plant early morning will be good, as plants need water for photosynthesis during day time.

Spraying the water with high pressure on plants will dust off the bugs from the plant. This is one of the effective, instant, and safer solutions to use especially when you are dealing with a high infestation.

  • Sep 12, 2022
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