Can disinfectant (sanitizer) spray be used as mosquito repellent?

Mosquito is worldwide problem especially when rainy season comes. They are not noisy, and annoying rather they come with lots of diseases. So getting rid of them is super necessary especially when in covid-19 age, where little fever tense us to the hell.

We are stuck in corona world where we always tend to have disinfectant (sanitizer). By the use disinfectant we keep the germs away. In that case someone might think that can disinfectant also keep mosquitoes away.

Disinfectant and Hygiene

Disinfectant (sanitizer) is used to remove or kill disease causing organism. Mostly used as hand rub or hand antiseptic. Disinfectant mostly comes in foam, gel, and liquid form. It can be used on cloths in order to terminate germs.

Sanitizer contains form of alcohol, ethyl alcohol to name one as active ingredient. And other main ingredients are also water, glycerin and fragrance. But disinfectant cannot be used as mosquito repellent.


disinfectant and mosquito


 Almost 99% of disinfectant available in market has no effect on terminating or repelling mosquito problem. Mosquito are attracted to warmness, dark color clothing and carbon dioxide to name a few.

What kills mosquito

The active ingredient that found in chemical based mosquito repellent to terminate mosquito in DEET (N, N-Diethyl-3-Methylbenzamide), metofluthrin, picardin, and ethyl hexanediol.

Natural techniques are leading over chemicals now. Every other person wants to use natural ways than chemical. As they are harm free and extremely effective too. There are ingredients that are available at home and great to keep mosquito away.

Clove and Lemon

Clove and lemon make great repellent against mosquito.

Boil 5 gm of clove in 1 glass of water. Add 10 drops of this solvent in t cologne. Apply the mixture to skin and this will keep you safe from mosquito. This repellent will work extraordinary for hours, and mosquito will, maintain their distance from you.

Rub the lemon balm on your exposed area of skin. This balm show great effectiveness against mosquito.

Basil Leaves

basil leaves for mosquito


Fresh chopped leaves, flower of basil or cherry flower can be placed in room to keep mosquito out. Or these leaves can rubbed on your skin if you are intended to out and wants to keep mosquito away from you.

Essential oil

Essential oil like clove, basil, eucalyptus, Neem, anise, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree to name a few can keep mosquito away from you.

You can use these essential oils by diluting few drops with some base oil. And apply the oil to exposed area of your body. This method will keep put the boundary between your skin and mosquito.


essential oil against mosquito


You can use essential oil by spraying on source of heat, or aroma lamp to keep mosquito away from your house.

Trap to keep mosquito at bay

Mosquito traps are also quite popular to keep mosquito away they don’t have any aroma and successfully keep the mosquito away from you.

There are several mosquito traps out there. Some traps works on basic of sticky walls, where some use electric grid.

Electric racket, sticky taps to name a few products work as mosquito traps.








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