Can I use pesticide application on the day of nitrogen fertilizer application?

 Having a nice garden to sit in the evening is a blessing. But when you have it comes with great responsibilities. Taking care of the garden is necessary to protect it from pests and other problems. To protect a garden we used many things fertilizers, pesticides, manure, etc.

Gardening is no easy task to do. And trying to have a healthy lawn, healthy flowers, fruits, and vegetables brings conflicts. When you wish to have an organic garden, you may encounter the fact of whether to use pesticides or not. Using fertilizers is safe for the garden or not.

Fertilizers and pesticide use reported many negative effects. But nowadays fertilizers and pesticides also come in all-natural, organic, or safe to use forms. In addition to this learning how to use pesticides or fertilizers will help to reduce any kind of risk to your garden.

What is fertilizer?

Fertilizers are substances either chemical or natural that are used to add with soil to increase soil nutrition.  Fertilizers are granular or liquid substances that provide nutrition to plants to grow faster and healthily.

Fertilizers are provided to the soil as a bunch of nutrients, count as a macronutrient (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), other ones are (calcium, magnesium, and sulfur), some as micronutrients (copper, zinc, and iron), and some other substance too, to provide nutrients.

Some fertilizers are also known to provide balance and nutrients to the soil as well for better growth of the plant. To increase the water retention capacity of the soil.

What is a pesticide?

 Pesticides are the substances that are used to terminate pests, weeds, fungus, and insects from your garden or field. Pesticides include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, repellents, etc. Pesticides can be compounds achieved from plants that help to kill insects of other plants for example neem.

Pesticides are any chemical or biological agents that help to terminate insects, pests, nematodes, microbes, or small animals that are harmful to crops and plants. Weedkiller is a very widely used pesticide that is used for gardens and farms from time to time.

Some most used pesticides are insecticides and herbicides that terminate the problem of insects and fungus. Some insects also work as pesticides for other pests as they feed over other harmful pests, these pests are known as a beneficial pests.

Besides pesticides traps and other methods are also being used by gardeners to get rid of rodents like pests or animals from their garden.

Difference between fertilizer and pesticide?

fertilizer v/s pesticide


Fertilizers are liquid or granular substances that add nutrients to plants whereas pesticides are agents that terminate or prevent the pest like slugs or fungal disease.

Certain fertilizers enhance the capacity of the soil, pesticides keep the soil pests free by terminating them.

Pesticide includes chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment but fertilizers are harmful if reached to groundwater as they can add toxicity to water.

The application of pesticides is used almost everywhere to protect from insects and weeds, and fertilizers can damage the life of the soil.

Fertilizer and pesticide impact on the environment




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