Can organic pesticides be applied to any plant?

Spring comes with a lot of pests. Many of them like butterflies are beneficial for your garden. But there are a lot of pests like aphids, thrip is harmful to our garden and plants. These insects destroy our precious plants, sometimes slowly and sometimes at once.

To save our garden from these pests we have to use insecticide. When it comes to saving our garden, nothing better than using organic pesticides. Organic pesticides are safer to use for the environment and personal health. 

Different types of pesticide

Organic pesticides are safer to use but still not every product we use is compatible with every plant. Pesticide is a term for a product that includes insecticides, rodenticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Insecticide is a term that is used for substances used to terminate insects or pests.

Insecticide itself is further divided into two parts called as systematic and contact insecticide.

Contact insecticide

These insecticides include spray-like substances that target insects like ants, roaches, etc. The spray is directly used to spray on the pest that works on dehydrating them. These insecticides are directly applied to plants to treat pests.

Systematic insecticide

These are the insecticide sprayed on foliage for absorption. Pests suck the insecticides from plants. Aphids and mealy bugs like pests ingest the insecticide from plants and die.

Are pesticides necessary to apply?

Sometimes we use multiple pesticides to treat a particular pest problem. In this case, we end up applying insecticide that doesn’t even necessary. This way we might use extreme part of insecticide. Light infestation can be controlled without using insecticide.

So think before using any chemical in your plant is it necessary to use them. And avoid extreme use of an insecticide.

Choose the right type of solution

Apply what is right for your plant health and to treat pests. Know your pest – what kind of enemy you are dealing with. It helps to choose the right solution. This way you can also avoid extreme consumption of harmful insecticides.

Are organic pesticides safe to use?

Organic pesticides are also chemicals obtained from plants. Organic pesticides are safe to use but not in all conditions. There are some precautions and terms to using organic pesticides too. So we can’t use them on any plant.

Organic pesticides are a 100 % safe solution if we take just a little bit of precautions and follow some rules mentioned on the instruction label.

Don’t overdo take precaution

Organic pesticides are plant chemicals and can be toxic in some particular way. So excessive use can be harmful to plants, so don’t overdue insecticides thinking they are safe to use. Anything that is used excessively is harmful to plants even water. Using just enough amount of organic pesticides will do the work for you.

Along with that, you need to take proper precautions with organic pesticides as well. Even though they are organic and safe, pesticides are still plant chemicals and can be toxic. So wear gloves, goggles, and full-length clothes before using any insecticide on the plant.

Precautions are always better than cure so read the instruction label carefully before applying the product. And if you are unsure, how the plant will react to insecticide solution, then you can always opt for the patch test. That way you save your plants and garden from further side effects.

  • Jun 18, 2022
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