Can we get rid of harmful insect using natural methods or chemicals?

Insects are troublemaker; they cause headaches along with carrying diseases. Fear of insects doesn’t stop there, it is even worst when hear someone talking bad about your completely clean place because of insects or pests.

There is no doubt everyone wants to get rid of those nasty pest as soon as possible. But question is how? There are lots of products we can use. But the biggest debate goes between natural methods or chemicals.

More we think about it, more confusing it becomes.

How chemicals pesticide works

Chemical pesticide works on disturbing pests’ nervous system. Pesticides interrupt the path that sends information.

Organochlorine pesticides

The most widely used organochlorine is DDT. The use of DDT raised many environmental and health issues.

How organic product works

Chemicals v/s natural methods

Chemicals are toxic method that we use to solve our pest problems. They definitely solve pest problem but the side effects they leave are also equally problematic sometimes higher. The more research we do about chemical based products, more we learn how toxic they are.

Pesticides are not only harmful for environment but also very harmful for person’s health. Even the spray we use in garden for weeds or bugs are dangerous for plants health and risky for human as well.

Sometimes pesticides are not even that effective they are for first time. Over time pests will make the resistance against pesticides.

  • Jun 15, 2022
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