Damage caused by ants their prevention and control measure

What are ants?

Ants are creatures found everywhere in the world except Antarctica. They stay in colonies, for homeowners they are common pests. It’s been millions of years ants have been resent. Do you know, that a single ant can vary bigger object than its size?

Ants are a very hard-working and stubborn kind of pest. Ants have the capacity for fast breeding. So if you have a few ants in your house they can soon turn into an infestation. Furthermore, they leave the essence of some chemicals behind which invites more ants.

Ants are defiantly nuisance pests. Along with having the benefits of being small in size, they can enter anywhere they want pantries, drawers, and cupboards to name a few.

Damaged caused by ants

Home damage

Ants can cause serious damage same as termites. The only difference they have is termite eats the wood but ants make damage the wood. Carpenter ants cause damage serious damage to the home furniture. Carpenter ants make the house furniture hollow.

Carpenter ants damage the wood by tunneling them. if you evident wood peeling near the door or windows it can be a sign of you having a carpenter ants infestation.

Health risk

Usually, ants are not dangerous. Ants only bite you if they feel threatened, and their bites are not much dangerous as well. Ant bites only tend to give little pain and discomfort. But care or cleaning is necessary if don’t clean the bites can turn into an infection.

However, some particular ant species such as fire ants are really dangerous and possess health risks. They use stings, unlike the other ants. Fire ants inject venom into our bodies with their stings. These stings are really painful and can lead to a serious issues. In some cases, fire ants can turn into a life-threatening problem.

Some common symptoms fire ant stings cause is irritation, pain, redness, and itchiness. Whereas severe causes can be diarrhea, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, etc.

Ant prevention

Mostly all pests come to your house in search of food including ants. If you have spotted ants and are worried about having an infestation, don’t worry. It's a good thing that you find out earlier, early treatment will make it easy to get rid of ants.
Keep the accommodation clean

It is not the truth that pests can’t be found in a hygienic place. But an unhygienic environment does invite them to your house along with the food. This is the reason why they are mostly found in the kitchen. So keeping your house clutter-free should be the first step taken.

  1. Clean the food crumbs.

  2. Sweep the floor, and clean the kitchen platform on regular basis.

  3. Keep the doors clean.

  4. Keep the food in air-tight containers, block the entry point, and cover the food properly.

Control techniques for an ant problem

ant killer


Various techniques are being used for ant control these days. Chemical controls are especially popular as they provide a fast solution. But these fast solutions are reliable and safe. The answer is no! Chemicals can cause serious damage to the environment, your crops, and most importantly your health.

Considering the risk factor of chemical products organic solutions are being a trend. Pai organics ant spray is one of the most effective organic ant control solutions for home and mini gardens. It provides effective results in addition to the safety of you, your family, and your pets. It is safe for environmental benefits as well.
So go organic and save your life.

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