Different types of air fresheners and how they work?

Who doesn’t like it when their homes are filled with superb fragrance or aroma? Multiple things are being used in households to make their homes smell nice. Some familiar aroma even brings a lot of childhood memories.

Some people are extremely sensitive to smell. So it’s become necessary for them to keep their home filled with a pleasant aroma. A lot of types of room freshener is available. Depending on one's requirements you can choose from different variety of natural or chemical-based room fresheners.

How does an air freshener work?

Air fresheners include volatile substances. These substances change from liquid to gas form when coming in contact with air. Air freshener doesn’t add any fragrance or scent to the air but it covers the bad one.

Air freshener covers or neutralizes the bad aroma from the air with another strong or nice smell.

Type of air fresheners

With the increase in demand for air fresheners, lots of varieties are introduced. Air freshener ranges from spray to traditional methods.

Traditional air freshener

Our grandmothers used camphor as an air freshener for a long. They used to place camphor in drawers, cupboards, and in clothes to keep the bad smell away. Oil fragrance is also used to ward off unpleasantness away.

Air freshener sprays

Spray with different variety of fragrances can be used to brighten up your home environment. However, you can choose between varieties of scents when it comes to spray fresheners. Now you can also buy an automatic spray mechanism available.

But these air fresheners have the disadvantage of emitting ozone-like substance that is bad for the environment. And in some cases person may suffer from a health issue like headaches (mostly if a person is sensitive).

Charcoal air purifiers

Charcoal is a natural substance that has been used to purify the air. It has no side effects. Charcoal air purifiers don’t need an electric socket to work, unlike electric fresheners. And unlike most fresheners charcoal purifiers don’t emit ozone. It is favorable for the environment and a person's health.

Pai organics charcoal air purifier uses surfaces that absorb nasty odors and impurities like a sponge. And leave it clean and safe to breathe in the air behind.

Diffusers using essential oil

Diffusers are the most widely used air fresheners that have been used. But if we add essential oil to diffusers it will not only deal with bad smells but also work to calm your mind. Essential oil like lavender oil is used in aromatherapy to finish anxiety. Diffusers are also available with a different mechanisms.

Side effects of air fresheners

Air fresheners that contain chemical molecules can harm health. air fresheners emit harmful chemicals that can severely harm human health. The problem associated with air freshener use is migraine, headaches, respiratory difficulty, diarrhea, asthma attacks, etc.

Air fresheners also emit substances that pollute the air as well.

Are air fresheners different from perfumes?

Air fresheners usually work to cover/mask or neutralize the bad smell. On the other hand, perfumes are water molecules that break away and diffuse into the air. Perfume molecules diffuse by heat and when the surface comes in contact with air.
Air fresheners work by directly coming in contact with air.

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