Different types of essential oil to repel mosquitoes?

Summer is on the door, waiting for lots of outdoor activity. It’s a fun time, but a devil comes along with summer. You must be familiar with the name mosquito! They are tiny flying insects but can irritate us the most. Mosquitoes are so bothersome and bring lots of diseases with them.

Mosquitoes majorly feed on your blood. Their buzzing and bites with itchy red bumps are on another level to irritate and trouble. Especially if you came outside to enjoy they become excessively intolerable. The situation got even worst when they enter home too, to trouble you.

However, a lot of chemicals can be used to get rid of mosquitoes. But their side effects make us lean towards an organic or natural solution. And while talking about natural solutions essential oil comes to my mind too.

Essential oil to repel mosquito

Plants have been used since ancient times to cope with many problems. Essential oil is an easy-to-use version of plants that is directly achieved from plants. Essential oil use has been only rising in many factors including pest control. And certain essential oils can protect us from mosquitoes as well.

Essential oils are aromatic organic compounds that exist in plants. Essential oil is a natural remedy that has a strong aroma.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil

Lemon eucalyptus oil is an effective remedy to repel insects. It also works as an active ingredient in many insect repellents. Lemon eucalyptus is also a kind of eucalyptus tree that produces citronella. Citronella is a great agent to repel pest problems.

Citronella essential oil

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As the name shows citronella oil is obtained from the citronella tree. That is a big provider of citronella and geraniol compounds. Products with citronella can be effective as Deet (need to mix with some other essential oil too). It especially works superbly when it comes to terminating mosquitoes.

Note – Citronella needs to be used in the right amount, otherwise it will evaporate and turn harmful to you.

Neem essential oil

Neem oil is a natural alternative to repel pest problems. Neem oil provides an effective solution against the mosquito. To terminate mosquito use neem oil 50 to 100 ml of neem oil with water and a few drops of oil.

Note – it can irritate your skin if used excessively.

Risk in using essential oil as mosquito repellent

  • Essential oil is highly concentrated and can irritate your skin if directly put on the skin. It should always be diluted with some carrier oil be it almond oil or any other base oil.

  • There is a list of faulty essential oils available at market pace make sure to buy from reputable sources.

  • Essential oils are indeed plant oil and 100% natural but by another name those are plant chemicals. and it causes no harm to use them with care and precaution.

  • If you feel any kind of burning sensation by being in touch with essential oil, do not use the product.

Natural repellent (essential oils) are a significant way to repel mosquitoes. It is a way better method for those, who are looking for an alternative to the chemical.

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Elizabeth Peek April 19, 2023

It is important to understand that using essential oils as mosquito repellents does not guarantee effectiveness. Although you can try making mosquito repellent with essential oils, it is crucial to keep in mind that even scientists are still working to create an effective solution. While Palma rosa and vetiver essential oils may make your skin feel great, it is important to exercise caution in what you use as mosquitoes continue to prevail in this battle. Read more: https://www.vinevida.com/blogs/our-blog/how-to-make-mosquito-repellent-with-essential-oils

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