Do all cockroaches fly? How to terminate them?

Cockroaches are a big nuisance & terror present in the house. If they start flying too, it becomes even more dangerous. Generally, they are speedy when they crawl, but if they start flying, how fast could they be?

Having flying cockroaches brings considerable discomfort, as they are difficult to terminate. However, they are sensitive enough to feel the danger near them and tend to fly.

Do cockroaches have wings?

Mostly all insets have wings and can fly. Do roaches fly? It is also a fixed question when a group of people discusses cockroaches. As a direct answer, yes, cockroaches can fly. Many species of cockroaches have wings; however, not all of them know how to fly.

But you also can’t ignore the fact that if you see a crawling cockroach, it can fly instantly. Usually, cockroach wings fold back to their abdomen, that acts like a shield to protect the body. And some of them develop the skill of using them too. American roaches are more likely to fly. So if you witnessed one of the flying roaches, it could be an American cockroach.

Even though some cockroaches can fly, they can’t go very far.

Ways to terminate flying roaches

Cleanliness is must

Like crawling cockroaches flying ones also love filth. They are attracted by dirt, as it easily fulfills their needs of hiding and breeding. Just like human food and water is needed for pest too. The moisture and smell of food are a great invitation to invite problems inside.


When you are suffering from cockroaches, it is necessary to take action to kill them. However, if you prefer safety too, organic pesticides are a safe solution to get rid of them. Sprays are the best and most instant solution to eliminate flying roaches.

Seal entry points

Cracks, holes, and gaps are some places cockroaches can enter from. Flying cockroaches enter from outside, and sealing the entry point will significantly change their existence in your house. Leaving issues and ways to enter for pests is like allowing them to invade your home.

Also, keep the door and windows shut at dawn and dusk. Pests, especially flying insects, are most active during that point and can invade your home with little carelessness. But if you have taken care of entry points and still having pest problems, it’s time to use pesticides or expert help.

Get rid of pests in natural ways.

If the problem can be solved in natural ways, then why take a risk using chemicals? That has side effects and health risks with the solution. Paidepo provides a natural solution for all types of pest problems. In addition, we provide easy-to-use and do-it-yourself products to deal with pests on your own efficiently.

Flying cockroaches aren’t more dangerous than crawling ones; it’s just that they have wings and can fly to escape. But they can be controlled if proper techniques and products (pesticides) are used. Make sure to follow the precautions afterward of controlling pests so that future infestation can be prevented before occurrence.

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