Do I have to close my house after termite treatment?

Pests are a real annoyance and troublesome. They can anyone cringe at first sight. They damage your premises and spread many diseases. One of these pests is termite; you must be familiar with termites. Termites are highly destructive pests.

They damage the foundation of your home and expensive furniture. And it’s important to terminate termites as soon we encounter them. But do you know having termites is not the biggest problem! The problem is when the solution we use is also harmful to health. Although in most cases pest control exterminator briefs us about risk factors and instructions to follow.

But having little knowledge in advance is something that can help you with getting the best treatment for your problem.

Pest does spread diseases but the chemical used to terminate them are also harmful. So it’s better to keep precautions while dealing with them.

Pest control team for termites

Termites are tiny and live inside your house foundation and furniture. This makes it challenging to get rid of termites by you. Calling a pest control exterminator seems like a good and better solution to get rid of termites. Also when we do pest control, we use harsh chemicals without having much knowledge about them.

This can be risky for your health. And if kids or pets consumed the pesticide and get in touch with a chemical that can endanger their life. But the question is whether it was completely safe to call pest control. As pest control terminators will also use a chemical to treat termites. If not what safety precaution we should use after or before pest control.

What to do after or before pest control

Don't and dos after termite treatment


Before using any chemicals in your house cover all the edible items in air-tight containers. Leave the home empty especially when you have a kid or pets.
Stay out of the house

A pest control exterminator also suggests staying out of the house while doing pest control work. Even after the work is done they say to stay out for a time being (3-4 hours). This time varies from hours to days with the type of service and infestation level.

Throw the chemical-exposed food

If in any case food is left uncovered and exposed to chemicals then throw it away. Do not consume food that is exposed to chemicals.

Look for leaks and keep hygiene

Keeping pests out of your home is the best solution to stay safe. Pests are attracted towards moisture and bad hygiene condition of your house. Look out for leakage and repel them if any there.

Keep the home clean and hygienic so the pest will not make their way inside your home again.


Keep an eye for treatment effectiveness. If there is any evidence of pests even after treatment is complete immediately call the exterminator to verify the problem. Even when you completely got rid of pests keep on inspecting regularly to ensure the safety from any more infestation.

Keep the special focus on the pest-prone areas and the corners have more chance to be infested by pests.

  • Jul 11, 2022
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Sam Andrews March 17, 2023

Shout out to you for reminding us to seal any leakage to prevent termites from entering our living space. My neighbor came across several termite nests in her basement last night. I figure she should employ an exterminator to resolve the problem.

Lily Bridgers May 10, 2023

So, my sister just called me to rant about the termites she saw in her kitchen cabinets just now and since I’ve never been in a similar question, I came here for help. Thanks for saying that the fact that termites are small and reside inside the foundation and furnishings of your home makes it difficult for you to get rid of them. You said that it appears like a good and better idea to hire a pest control exterminator to get rid of termites. I’ll share this with her, thanks.

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