Do it yourself pest control v/s pest control by experts

Whatever type of pests invades your home be it cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, etc. one thing is fixed we all want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Usually, people get stuck between two choices whether to call pest exterminators or choose to do it yourself technique.

How to choose between DIY & pest experts

Our main concern is to solve the problem so the solution should be finalized according to the problem. And factors like pest infestation level, cost, safety, and convenience can help you sort out the options.

Infestation level & cost

Pest infestation at any scale is bad. But it could help us choose the right solution for it. DIY solutions are best for less infestation whereas if you are dealing with controllable pests problem experts would be better.

DIY solutions like traps and homemade solutions are a great help when the pest infestation level isn’t much. If the method is implemented correctly result will be 100% satisfactory. And DIY methods are mostly cost-friendly ways to control pests.

On the other hand, pest control professionals are the best choice when you have a high infestation level. But calling pest control exterminators are bit expensive method.

Safety & convenience

If we talk about convenience both are good at some point. Pest control experts are good as you don’t need to see everything yourself, experts will handle everything from examination to pesticide application. You may even ask to empty the house for time being because of chemical uses.

And if you opt for organic pesticides by experts it will very costly way to deal with pests.

On the other hand, DIY is as easy to use as buying any other goods from the marketplace and using them. Many DIY pest control solution includes product present in the home, and are completely non-toxic. Thus you don’t require emptying the house for their use.

Risk factor

If chemicals are used then it contains a lot of health risk, environmental risks. But DIY methods often include homemade solutions or products that are safe to use. But it is necessary to know about the product before use.

Pest experts usually use chemicals to get rid of pests. And if sprays are used they can be inhaled and could be risky for health. Although you may not need to be worried about correct use but sprays last in the air for a long time and could be hazardous for kids and pets.


Both methods have great effectiveness. It is based on your preference for what will you use. If you are someone who prefers safety as a priority and uses organic/natural solutions, DIY will right choice for you. Otherwise, experts are good if just want a solution fast without any involvement by your side.

But both methods have their limitation as for large-scale infestation choosing a DIY pest control solution will be hectic and require a lot of time. Similarly for low-scale infestation calling pest control experts will be a waste of money.

While you are struggling with choosing the best solution for your pest problem, considering the point listed above will help you with the right decision. And you can save yourself from the waste of time, money, and hassle.

  • Dec 06, 2022
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