Does a dirty house invite a bed bug? Bed bug myths

Bed bugs are devils that stay in our homes but filth doesn’t invite them. It’s just a myth that if you have a bed bug that indicates your house must not be clean. They lure towards warmth and human blood. The scent of co2 our body emits makes bed bugs go crazy.

Myths about bed bugs

Bed bug lives in filthy places

Bed bugs live where they can easily reach human blood. Filth doesn’t invite them. They are attracted to CO2 and warmth. However filthy place does make more hiding place for bed bugs.

Bed bugs can’t be seen by the naked eye

Bed bugs in their adult, nymph, or egg stage all are easily visible. They are tiny-sized that if there is only one-bed bug present you may not notice it but they are still visible with the naked eye. And bed bugs are usually found in a group of many bed bugs.

Bed bugs transmit disease

Bed bugs are not known to transmit any kind of disease. They only suck the blood out of our bodies and leave painful bites. The situation turns dangerous when a lot of bed bugs bite you at the same time.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly

Bed bugs are way slower than other bed bugs in reproducing. An adult female can only lay about one egg in a day. While some other house fly can lay up to 500 eggs n just 3-4 days.

Bed bugs can live a year without a meal

Some evidence proved that at room temperature bed bugs can only live up to two to three days without a blood meal. But because they are cold-blooded in winter they may live up to one year.

Bed bugs bite only at night

There is no rule that bed bugs will bite during the night only. They will reach you every time they get hungry whether it is day or night.

Pesticides can easily eliminate bed bugs in one application

Pesticides can’t always easily eliminate bed bugs. Pest also develops resistance against pesticides over time. To terminate bed bugs a proper strategy and plan are required. Proper use of any pesticide or natural product is essential to terminate the bed bugs forever.

In the case of resistance against pesticide problems, some products may not work. So you need to be careful with the right product selection. Consultation with pest control experts is a big help in this situation.

The bed bug can jump and fly

The bed bug doesn’t have wings and hence they are not able to fly. In addition to this, they can’t jump far as well, but they indeed are fast crawlers. With their crawling speed bed, bugs can easily cover 1 meter in just one minute.

Bed bug lives in bed only

This is 100% wrong as bed bugs can also be found in switchboards, sofas, cardboard, luggage, clothes, etc. Though the bed is one of the favorite places of bed bugs that doesn’t mean they only live there.

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