Does boric acid kills cockroaches? How long does it take?

Boric acid is a very effective method of controlling cockroaches. It also works well in preventing many other insects. Boric acid can be used directly or made sprayed out of it. However, it needs to handle carefully; if not, it can be a big mess using boric acid.

Boric acid is a safe component, unlike what its name acid represents. It is a powder-form substance made of boron and water component. Boron is a natural ingredient that is found in food and the environment. Raisins and almonds are also sources of boron. Boric acid can be purchased at local grocery stores.

Boric acid in traps

Boric acid powder is used as bait and in traps to attract cockroaches and kill them.

Boric powder is added with sugar to attract cockroaches to eat the bait. The boric acid will work on killing them. If we make the best and most proper use of boric acid, it can terminate your house's whole family of roaches.

Cockroaches aren't that picky regarding food and eat almost everything they come across. Therefore, if one cockroach eats another dead roach infected by boric acid, it will die too. It is also why boric acid can work as efficiently in terminating roaches as any other chemical-based pesticide.

Is boric acid safe to use?

If used carefully, boric acid isn't toxic to use. However, it can harm your pets if ingested in large amounts. In addition, boric acid exposure can cause mild to series results, such as an allergic reaction to nausea to respiratory problems.

Boric acid should be used in a small amount; otherwise, cockroaches will also avoid it, and it will only lead to a mess. Pets are more to have boric acid toxicity than humans. If somehow your pet ingested the bait in large amounts, it will be better to get an appointment with the doctor for your pet.

But pai organics boric acid is much safer to use than any other toxic bait on the market. Place the boric acid bait where pets or toddlers can't reach it.

How fast do boric acids kill cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a big nuisance, and they also spread dangerous diseases. So it's an essential oil to get them out of your house soon. Usually, boric acid/powder kills cockroaches within 72 hours/ 3 days after coming in contact. In proper use condition, it can kill every single cockroach in your house.

Alternative to boric acid

Boric acid isn't the only safe solution to terminate the roach problem. There are other safe and effective solutions, like baking soda and natural gel bait, to name a few.

Pai Organics cockroach gel bait is one of the safe and practical solutions to eliminate cockroaches. It is made of attractive food fragrance and fipronil as the active ingredient. (Fipronil is an internationally approved substance to kill roaches.) It is a DIY product that anyone can use by reading the instructions carefully.

However, if you want to avoid handling or terminating the roaches, you can always count on experts or professionals to help you.

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