Does mosquito trap works? How to make mosquito trap at home?

When summer comes, mosquitoes and many other insects also come outside. As much as we want summer after winter, pests thrive in it. They might enjoy the summer, but they can ruin your lovely time. We all want to spend time alone or with our families outside at dawn.

But these little insects can ruin your 'me time' by just their presence. Along with that, mosquitoes continue buzzing; itchy bites are total irritation. Mosquitos also spread many diseases that can be dangerous.

Mosquito Traps

In this situation, terminating mosquitoes is necessary. But using chemicals to control them can be even hazardous for your health. Mosquito traps are a great and effective solution in this situation. They are a completely safe solution that doesn't include any chemicals to kill a mosquito.

Plastic bottle mosquito trap

  1. First, make a plastic bottle trap; take a 2-liter empty plastic bottle.

  2. Cut the top part of the bottle from ¼ height.

  3. Add the bait substance such as brown sugar water, honey, fruits, juice, or things that invite mosquitoes.

  4. Place the cut part of the top on the bottle upside down (narrow part downside, and wider part top side).

  5. Put this trap in the dark corners of the room and kitchen.

  6. Mosquitoes will get attracted to the pleasing smell of the bait and enter the bottle trap. But once they enter it, they won't be able to get out of the bottle trap.

Mosquito trap using the tub.

  1. Another effective trap you can make at home is using a tub and liquid soap.

  2. Fill the container/tub/bucket with water.

  3. Dilute some liquid soap and detergent powder in the tub filled with water.

  4. Place the container next to the lamp (lightning towards the water) in the corner of the room.

  5. Bright light will attract the mosquito to fall for the trap. On the other hand, female mosquito bread in stagnant water will easily fall for this trap. Soapy water will not allow them to breathe and drown them to death.

Why and how do traps work?

These traps usually work indoors, and outdoors they may not work. It is because when mosquitoes are outside, they have a lot of choices to feed on, like flowers, fruits, etc., but indoors they already starve to death and fall for any fruit or sugar to terminate their hunger.

Usually, mosquitoes suck on blood, but that is not enough to live. Moreover, a male mosquito doesn't feed on blood to live. Instead, they suck on nectar, fruits, etc. 

Other ways to keep mosquitoes at bay

Mosquito traps are excellent in reducing the number of mosquitoes in your house. But you may only partially get rid of them by using only traps. In the case where your get fails, repellents are great to help.

Store-bought product

if you are against chemicals, you can opt for organic/natural pest control products. Natural repellents are readily available at a local store or online store.  

anti mosquito repellent


Pai Organics mosquito killer is a remarkable product made of essential oil extract. It is a natural product that is very effective and safe to use around kids and pets. It is deet free and non-toxic product with a lasting power of up to 12 hours. 

Protect your family from harmful diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, the zika virus, and many more. Use the natural product to terminate your home pest problem. 



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