Get rid of bed bugs in 4 steps?

Bed bugs are responsible for a nuisance in your house and can also develop anxiety and stress. Bed bugs usually stay in the places where you rest, and it is one of the worst experiences seeing bedbugs during your sleep time.

Bed bugs are only 5mm big and smaller than a grain. They are capable of fast reproduction, which makes them infest very quickly. Like many other pests, bed bugs know how to hide well. Unfortunately, the bedbug is also a deadly pest and hard to eliminate.

Bed bugs are those tiny bloodsuckers who can steal your peaceful sleep and make you cringe with just one look. A ubiquitous sign of suffering from bed bugs is suddenly red, itchy, and sometimes painful bites on your bare skin.

Can we get rid of bed bugs?

If the proper technique and products are used, bed bugs can be terminated without professional help. One important fact you must remember while dealing with bed bugs is patience. If some particular product or method doesn't work at all, it will be wise to change it. It can be when a pest resists a specific chemical or substance.

Bed bug termination in 4 steps

Remove hiding place

Bed bugs and their eggs hide in a mattress, box springs, and pillow-like places. Leaving fewer options for bedbugs will push them to go to the site and search for another. Deep clean the mattress and pillow to protect them from bed bugs.

If possible, use bedbug-proof mattress encasement. Place the furniture where sunlight can directly reach them.

Isolate bed bug-prone area.

If you find a bed bug-prone place, isolating the area or things is better. Bed bugs are often found in furniture, switchboard, walls, cells, and services. Keep the clothes and bed sheets in zip lock bags, and cease the room with a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs tend to infest the other area quickly and travel by sticking to your clothes. Therefore isolating will stop the infestation from spreading in your whole house. Interceptors can also prevent bed bugs from climbing onto beds and sofas.

Use of bed bug killer powder/spray

Once the infestation spreads, it becomes necessary to take action to terminate them. And if the solution is natural/organic, no better solution can be used. However, bed bug spray works on a different mechanism. The toxic elements consist of spray kill the bud bugs as soon they come in contact with the spray solution.

Pai's an organic bed bug killer, and bed bug repellent is a natural solution to keep bed bugs away and eliminate them. Bed bug killer powder sticks to bed bugs' bodies and kills them through dehydration. Similarly, this powder attaches to the bed bugs' eggs too, and as soon the nymphs come out, they die from oxygen deficiency.

Bed bugs are challenging pests that one-time use of pesticides cannot kill. So make sure to use the solution regularly until they don't get eliminated.

Bed bugs are deadly pests, but by following these four steps, you can terminate the bed bugs permanently. 

  • Jan 16, 2023
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