How can thrips be controlled naturally?

When your healthy gloomy plant suddenly starts turning worse, it’s frustrating. If you will inspect the plant carefully you will find little devils. If unluckily you are dealing with thrips, (as they are common pests found in the garden ) they need to be taken care of straight away.

Thrips feed on plant tissue and prevent their capacity of getting nutrients and also known for scratching fruits and leaves. But gladly you don’t necessarily need to use chemicals to get rid of them. They can be controlled by natural pesticides and ingredients as well.

How do thrips look alike?

Thrips are small and usually winged insect that has either black or straw-colored wings. Thrips are in between yellow to brown or black. Their size varies and usually measures less than 1/25 inch.

Female thrips can lay 80 eggs each. They tend to lay eggs during spring in flowers, leaves, or stems. Thrips are very common insects in flower blossoms or flower plants. They also find indoor plants a great choice to live. Once they find their way to one plant in no time all the nearby plants will be infected too.

How to get rid of thrips?

Dust off the thrips with water

The use of high-pressure water is the fastest way to get rid of these tiny bugs. One thing you need to consider is to spray the water on both sides of the leaves and stems. Also if there are any new blooms in your flower plant clean all the bugs away that are hidden inside it.

Repeat this process at least twice a day for a couple of days continually.

Spray with soap solution

Spraying the plant with soap solution will create a layer on plant leaves and stems. The bugs will not easily be able to penetrate that layer. And slowly it will also damage the thrip's skeleton. To make the soap spray solution add 1 tablespoon of liquid soap solution and dilute it in water.

Spray this solution on leaves, stems, and soil on alternative days for two weeks. Then spray the solution once or twice a week until the thrips completely disappeared.

Neem oil spray

Neem oil is a great bio-pesticide when you want to keep bugs away. It can be used as an alternative to a soapy solution. This solution can be used in combo with water.

To make the neem oil spray a few drops of neem oil, and a few drops of liquid soap and dilute them with the water. Shake the solution well and fill the spray bottle with it. Spray the solution on alternative days if the infestation level is worst. Otherwise twice a week will be enough to spray.

Essential oil spray

Orange and cinnamon essential oil are very effective in protecting your plant. Make a spray by diluting these two oils with water. Shake the solution well and fill the spray bottle with it. Use the solution twice a week.


Pest management prevention is a must-step that we usually ignore.
Keep the surrounding place clean so there is no place for pests to breed. Cut the damaged part of the plant to make them grow better. Add organic compost to keep the soil healthy. Water the plant regularly.

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