How do organic farmers control pests? Does it work?

With increasing concern about the side effects of using chemicals and increasing the use of organic homeowners and gardeners leaning towards the safer side. Gardeners want to go for an eco-friendly and effective solution for their plants and to control the pest problem.

But the problem is with doubts, does the organic method work? I am delighted to say that now organic has opened its wings widely. And in some cases, organic methods work even better than chemicals. Professionals are also leaning towards organic solutions nowadays.

What is organic farming?

Organic culture or system is a method where pest problems are responded to by biological, cultural, and mechanical, practices. Organic farming involves manure, green manure, and crop rotation to fertilize the soil. All kinds of pests are tried to deal with organic methods or organic pesticides.

This involves using nature as a solution for any agriculture problem or pest-related problem.

Methods used by farmers for organic pest control

ways of organic farming

Floating row covers

Floating row covers are used for multiple protections. On one side floating row covers are used to keep the field or garden safe from aphids, cabbage moths & worms, tomato hornworms, potato beetles, squash bugs, and many other pests.

On the other hand, floating row covers also protect the crop from birds, rabbits, squirrels, and deer. Along with all, floating row covers also provide protect the crop from sun and wind. Floating row covers are an especially good option when there is a need to cover a large space.

Floating covers are best to use when the pest is most active and has more chance to damage the crop. All you need to do is cover the crop you want to protect with floating row covers. If you are left with an extra part of the cover then either fold it or cut the extra part.

Floating row covers are extremely versatile, so the crop can be easily covered by them with the help of hooks or wire.

Neem Oil Spray

Neem oil is an organic solution or pesticide spray to control or terminate crop pests. Neem oil can be used against moths, beetles, squash bugs, worms, and aphids.

Before using neem oil it would be best to do a patch test to secure the safety of the plant. Although neem oil is an organic solution and safe to use it can still cause diverse effects on the plants in some cases.

Patch test – spray the neem solution over a small area of the plant and leave it for one night. If doesn’t show any bad effects neem solution is good to use. 



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