How Do We Repel Pest Naturally at Home?


Nowadays, people like using natural elements in their daily lives. And when it comes to pests (insects), there is nothing better than natural insecticides. Who doesn't want to kill insects and grow their plants without worrying about dangerous chemicals in the insecticide? Chemicals present in insecticides can cause serious illnesses such as respiratory disorders; mainly, it's very harmful to kids and golden-ager people.

Farmers grow plants and food for us. Let's appreciate their trials and tribulation by using what nature gives us. We can use several approaches for our Home Garden, especially when adhering to the organic concept, present at our home and also harmless.

1.     Soapy Water Spray (Soap Spray):   

Soap water is very effective for controlling curb infestation of insects or pests, and it's also very effective for soft-bodied insects such as mealybugs and aphids. It's straightforward to make and use; mix one and one-half teaspoons of mild liquid soap with one quart of water and spray this mix directly on the infected area of the plants. (recommend that use this in morning or evening time).

2.     Neem Leaf (Oil) Spray:

Neem Oil


Neem has been used for a long time by our family for health benefits and culinary properties. Neem oil spray is very beneficial for plants; it has a bitter and pungent odor that keeps the pest away from your plants. In addition, neem oil is biodegradable and non-toxic for animals, birds, and humans. Add two teaspoons of neem oil to one spoon of liquid soap and mix with a quart of water. Add it to a spray bottle and use it immediately. It also has anti-fungicide repels.

3.     Salt Spray:

Forever Natural Pesticide


Salt spray is one of the best homemade pesticide solutions. It cures the deter pest from your plants, and it will also help plants absorb nutrients such as magnesium which allows plants to grow better. To make this solution, add salt to the water, mix it well, then add it to the spray bottle, and it's ready for plants.

4.     Pepper Spray:

Repel Garden Pest Naturally


Pepper spray is very beneficial for deterring soft-body insects like mayflies, aphids, and caterpillars. This spray burns the outer cells of insects and causes them to leave the plant. To make the paper spray, put chopped chili paper and 2 cups of water in a blender and process them until a smooth paste. Add ¼ mixture to a quart spray bottle and spray it lightly on your plants and near them. You can also add chopped garlic bulbs to the blender for early results. As garlic is well known for its spicy aroma, it helps as an insect repellent.

5.     Eucalyptus Oil:  


Buy eucalyptus essential oil


Eucalyptus OIL has a strong odor that keeps insects or bugs away from plants. All you need to do is spray the EUCALYPTUS OIL on your plants. Make sure to use this spray daily.

Natural pesticides can save your kitchen and garden from pests without harming your health.

You can also use the PLANT PROTECTOR to protect the pest from your plants. However, there are many more natural ways to eliminate nuisance and bugs. 


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