How fast do bed bugs spread?

The bed bug is a worldwide problem. And what is even worst is bed bugs stay everywhere, unlike other pests who prefer filthy places. For bed bugs, as long they can find the blood meal easily, they don't mind where they stay.

Facts saying bed bugs are attracted to debris and unsanitary are misleading myths. But if the environment is warm and includes an easily reachable blood meal, it's ideal for a bed bug to live in.

How easily do bed bugs spread?

Bed bug spreads at a fast speed. Bed bugs are those who suddenly appear out of nowhere. Bed bugs are known to spread creatures quickly. They don't have wings to fly anywhere but are fast crawlers and hitchhikers. They travel with their luggage and clothes to go anywhere at home.

Their habit of traveling with luggage, furniture, clothes, etc., allows them to travel back and forth in the house. They can quickly spread through our dresses if they come from somewhere with a bed bug-infested place.

How do bed bugs travel at home?

Bed bugs are blood lovers and typically can be found within 8 feet of human resting place. Therefore, the travel limit is almost limitless for bed bugs. They can travel anywhere without coming into your eye.

Bed bug from one room to another

bed bug travel speed in home


Bed bugs take only one minute to travel from one room to another. Bed bugs can also lay 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime. So you can now imagine how fast bed bugs can travel and spread in your rooms, rooms to every part of your home.

Bed bugs are warm-blooded and require blood meals from warm-blooded hosts.

They usually live where they can easily reach the host for their meal. However bed bugs are fast crawlers, but they prefer the hitching of humans, human clothes, or furniture to travel from one area to another.

What is the leading cause of bed bugs spreading?

In search of food, they move their location frequently. They prefer a warm place to live, so they move back and forth in search of the ideal place to live. They aim to find the best blood meal and stay as close to humans as possible for them.

How to stop bed bugs from spreading?

Bed bugs spread quickly, so it is best to terminate the problem to stop them. But, unfortunately, making a barrier against bed bugs doesn't guarantee to prevent them from moving.

Some people also think isolating the room will work to stop them from moving. But this isn't the permanent Solution to get rid of bed bugs.

Organic Solution for bed bug

Pai Organics bed bug killer is an organic solution to eliminate bed bugs permanently. The powder sticks to the bed bug's body. It works on the dehydration approach, which breaks the hard skeleton of the bed bugs and leads to killing them.

Bed bug killer is a mix of natural earth minerals. This product is an easy-to-use and hassle-free solution to deal with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are problematic pests, but it doesn't mean they can't be killed. With the right approach and technique, bed bugs can be terminated permanently.

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