How long does it take to terminate the cockroach problem?

The cockroach has been around for more than 350 years. Cockroaches have lived with dinosaurs. They rule the cracks, and cervices once they enter the house. Cockroaches have developed resistance against many pesticides in so many years. 

Unfortunately, roaches are a common problem in homes, apartments, etc. And if the place lacks hygiene and sanitization it becomes even more difficult to deal with roaches. Cockroaches are a scary pest for some and others, it is a filthy pest.

But not everyone knows along with scare and filth they also carry deadly diseases. Cockroaches contaminate food and other items by transferring these bacteria. When someone consumes bacteria-contaminated food it may lead to food poisoning. 

Cockroaches also lead to other problems such as asthma, and many allergies. 

Cockroach elimination

Termination of cockroaches completely requires a set of multiple actions. Since roaches are attracted to filth, so for keeping cockroaches at bay hygiene is the key point to take care of. Spills, dirty dishes, flowing water, crumbs, etc can invite more roaches and provide them with the ideal place to live.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness

  • Keep the food in air-tight containers.

  • Clean the crumbs, or any other spilling immediately.

  • Wipe the water after washing dishes, and dry out the kitchen platform after cleaning.

  • Any cartoons, or paper, should be discarded in the dustbin. And do let the garbage collect around the dustbin.

Cockroach Treatment

The time to terminate the cockroach problem will depend on various factors. 

  1. Type of method used for roach termination
  2. Level of roach infestation
  3. Environment

Methods of roach infestation

There are various methods used for cockroach elimination including spray, bait system, etc. A cockroach bait system is the safest, most effective, and most hassle-free formula to get rid of the cockroach problem. 

The result of roach bait usually starts showing in just some hours. Although it can take up to 4 weeks to completely get rid of cockroaches for some. On the other hand, it is just a few days for some people to get rid of roaches.

Cockroach bait which is based on Fipronil as the active ingredient works wonderfully. Fipronil is an internationally approved substance to terminate roaches. And if other substances are organic ingredients nothing is better than that. Pai organics cockroach dot is made by keeping all that points in consideration.

Other options to get rid of roaches are spray, traps, foggers, etc. Except for the traps, the time for other solutions depends on n the quality of the product. 

Infestation level

Severe the level of the cockroach infestation, the longer it will take to get rid of them. Less the level of cockroach infestation less time it will take to get rid of the roaches. Cockroaches are quite a difficult pest to get rid of but with the right method and technique, they can be treated well.


Sometimes factors like heat, and cold also impact the termination of cockroaches. Cockroaches love to live in a heat and humid environment, so when they get this ideal state of the environment in your house. It will be more likely they will get back and become hard to leave as well

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