How much pollution was released from the mosquito repellent spray?

Mosquito repellents are used on a wide range. As soon as summer comes we can evident mosquito spray in our colony and streets? Farmers use mosquito pesticides to keep away the devil's name mosquito. And do you know about the biggest source of mosquito repellent use?
Household use of mosquito repellent spray covers the biggest part. Every other house must use some spray or coil or something else to keep the mosquito away. People use anything to be safe from mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellent industry

The global market for mosquito repellent is 6.9 billion USD until 2021. And it’s been projected that it will grow to 9.0 billion USD by 2026. Very frequent use of mosquito repellent is good for the industry. But have you thought about pollution because of it?
The biggest problem that any family can face due to mosquito repellent is a respiratory system failure. Especially for kids and golden age people who have high health risks are more likely to be affected by the pesticide effect.

Household air pollution

It is believed that a house is the safest place to live. However air pollutants (Mosquito Repellent Spray) that we think are safe, polluting the air of our house. Household air pollution is highly affecting life, health, and the world.
World Health Organization (WHO) states that 8 million people die because of air pollution. And the source of 4.3 million people's death is household air pollution.
Household air pollution is a third leading factor of DALYs (Disability-adjusted life years) globally. Also, it is found that household air pollution is the leading reason for Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs).
As yet pollution from vehicles and industries were a bigger threat to human life and health. But now household air pollution is acquiring a bigger place to attack human health.

The best worst for nature

mosquito repellent effect on  nature


We always want the best one, and buy something that has killed mosquitoes immediately. Did you ever have a look at mosquito repellent ingredients? The product that tends to have an instant effect on terminating mosquito usually consist of the largest amount of harsh chemical.
Mostly for getting instant relief from mosquitoes we end up harming the environment and our health. Mosquito repellent includes DEET to terminate mosquitoes, and fastest the result higher quantity of DEET. That has a higher risk to human health.

How often repellent spray is used

According to our thought higher the amount of repellent fastest the result, isn’t it! But that only the myth increases the number of sprays won’t get you any faster results. Instead, it only will increase the health risk.
Read the label carefully to know about the quantity you should use in one go. If you still aren’t sure about the use of insecticides ask the shopkeeper about how to use them. Or you can call customer care to solve your problem about use.
Don’t use the product until you are sure it contains a toxic chemical that can be very harmful to your health if anything goes wrong.

Alternatives to mosquito repellent

Instead of using harsh chemicals, you should use organic mosquito repellent. They are safe for the environment and your family. Any other good organic repellent will have the same result as chemical-based.
Organic solutions or home solutions may take a little more time than chemical-based. But they are eco-friendly and health-friendly.

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