How to control mosquito breeding in a water tank?

Mosquito and other insects must be kept away from water. Especially when it comes to mosquitoes, they love to breed in stagnant water (Standing water). Rainwater collection mostly becomes the big source for mosquito breeding.

Rainwater tends to collect and transferred to ponds, pools, and tanks for multiple uses. Mosquitoes breeding in rainwater also transferred to multiple places. Mosquito breeding can be disgusted to see in places like ponds.

Mosquito Control / Mosquito breeding control

One of the best ways to control mosquito breeding is, controlling mosquitoes and other insects around water collection sources. Rainwater should not be collected in places like pools which are completely open or on the surface below tanks outlet this can lead to a breeding place.

Detection of mosquito larvae in water tanks specifies that female mosquitoes can lay eggs in that water which can turn into a big muddle. In this case, some precautions can be taken

If mosquitoes are found around rainwater tanks all the inlets must be check carefully and repair if any problem is found.

Sometimes the reason for larvae is the poor shape of rainwater collection shape.

How to get rid of mosquito eggs (Homemade solution)

There may not any particular method to control mosquito larvae but controlling mosquitoes can solve the problem. We can even use some homemade solutions to get rid of mosquitoes.

Coffee Grounds

Stagnant water is ideal for mosquito breeding which leads to more mosquitoes. If you also facing this kind of problem then there is something you can find very helpful is Coffee Ground.

All you need do is spread some coffee grounds in the water, it will kill the eggs. In stagnant water mosquitoes, eggs will float on the water surface and will die due to deprivation of oxygen.

mosquito larvae control

Apple Cider Vinegar

You must have heard about apple cider vinegar used for weight loss and acne problems. But Apple cider vinegar has more use than that, it can solve the problem related to mosquito larvae.

Although Apple cider vinegar is completely non-toxic, very few know that it is toxic to mosquito larvae. All you need to do is add the solution of vinegar and water (15% vinegar and 85% water solution) in the water where you have a larvae problem.


Soap is another easy-to-use and best solution to kill the present larvae in water. All one has to do is add a little bit of the soap to the water to kill the mosquito larvae present in the water. You can either use soap or shampoo to terminate mosquito larvae.


If you are searching for some instant result for mosquito larvae then this is a great solution for you. Add an adequate amount of oil to water it will kill the larvae. But a great and instant solution comes with some disadvantages.

Oil also has the disadvantage of smell although cinnamon oil can do the trick for the smell.

Other than using homemade solutions there are some other ways which are used for a long time to control mosquito larvae. One of them is kerosene which is used to add in water to put an end to mosquito breeding and larvae.

But the problem is adding kerosene to water can be toxic for humans. The water in which kerosene is added cannot be used for other uses.



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