How to control the lizard at home organically?

How does it feel to open a cupboard and found a lizard there? Sucks right! There exit venomous lizard species. However, household lizards are harmless but the nuisance they possess is just something. If we leave everything one thing you can’t deny is the terror they spread at our accommodation.

I am sure you won’t like lizards wandering on your utensils. And their sudden fall on your belongings and sometimes on you is scary right. Keeping the home pest-free is one way to ensure hygiene. If you have a problem like herpetophobia (fear of reptiles), then getting rid of lizards becomes like a survival game for you.

Natural ways to get rid of lizards

We get to see lizard faces from time to time. But do you think is it safe to use chemicals every time. Chemicals can persist with long-term damage to your health and environment. So let us discuss some organic or natural ways to get rid of the problem.

Coffee powder

Similar to pests cockroaches, and mosquito lizards also hate the strong smell of coffee powder. We are definitely in love with coffee but for lizards, it's choking. In addition to that if you mix tobacco powder with it will kill the lizard.

To use coffee powder just sprinkle the powder where you usually see lizards or entry points.


egg shell

Eggshells are the natural way to get rid of lizards. You must be thinking about how eggshells can be useful to get rid of pests like a lizard. The scientific reason is, that the eggshell consists of sulfur that terminates the lizard. Also, the eggshell looks like a bird peak (birds are a predator of lizards) to the lizard. So they come to the place again where the egg shall be placed.

Citronella spray or lemongrass spray

Citronella spray is another natural and easy and hassle-free way to get rid of lizards. Citronella spray has the aromatic essence of lemongrass. The use of citronella essential oil sprays works to keep the lizards at bay. The spray essence also spread an aromatic scent in your entire house.

You can also use lemongrass spray itself to get rid of the lizard. Lemongrass is a great mosquito repellent. Lizards prey on mosquitoes, and getting rid of mosquitoes can lead us to get rid of lizards as well. Pests come to your house in search of food so if you eliminate their source of food they will automatically stop invading your house.

The mix of lemon, vinegar, and chili spray

organic solution for lizard

Lizard hates the smell of vinegar and lemon. Vinegar's strong odor makes them run away. In addition, chili spray can burn their skin eyes, nose, and skin. So for keeping the lizard at bay this is a great solution to use.


Naphthalene balls are used by grandmother and mother to keep the pests away. I have seen my grandmother put them in with winter clothes so that bug stays away. And this work is efficient enough to keep the lizards away. The pungent smell of naphthalene balls doesn’t allow lizards to come near them.

Onion or garlic against lizards

Similar to naphthalene balls onion and garlic consist of the pungent smell that lizards hate the most. And lizards avoid coming even near them. In addition to that onion has sulfur that kills lizards if consume.

Lizard repellent spray

You can also use organic lizard repellent spray available online or in the marketplace. They provide hassle-free solutions and save your time. Pai organics Lizard spray is a solvent that is made by a blend of essential oil such as lemongrass and citronella. It is efficient, effective, organic, eco-friendly, and safe to use which keeps the lizard at bay.


  1. Cover all the stored food to protect it from lizards.

  2. Fix the gap near a place like the ventilation area, AC wire entrance, etc.

  3. Seal the cracks and holes if you have any these plays an important role for let these nasty pests inside. So block their all entry points.


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