How to get rid of aphids and protect plants?

Every gardener has at least a few aphids. On a healthy plant, few aphides won’t make much difference and don’t threaten plant health. But they can be a big problem if a group of them attack together, or the soil condition isn’t good, etc. Unfortunately, aphides are soft-body insects that reproduce quickly.

Aphid doesn’t need mating to reproduce; they just excrete female successors around 3 to 100 times daily. This situation made it clear and essential to take control of the aphid population before they spread all over the garden.

How to define an aphid?

Aphids are tiny and often unnoticeable to the naked eye unless they are present in a group or infested badly. They have many different ranges of color starting from white, green, black, gray, yellow, brown, to pink. In most cases aphids are wingless, but some of them develop wings to travel from one to another plant.

How to find out if you have aphids?

To find aphid symptoms notice the curling and brown spots on the leaves. If everyday new yellow leaf appears out of nowhere it indicated the aphid presence in the plant.

If there is a sticky substance left on the leaves or stems, it is a warning that the plant is dealing with an aphid problem. This sticky substance often invites other pests like ants as well.

When the branches and leaves start to turn black it is an alert to find if you have an aphid. Because the honeydew aphid leaves, make the branches and leaves go black.

When aphid attacks the plant new blooming die before they fully developed.
How to get rid of aphids?

Aphid population can cause significant damage to your garden and plant leaves, stems, and buds. So it will be best to deal with the problem as soon as you notice it.

Water spray

Water spray is the fastest way to control the aphid. Spraying the aphides off with a strong stream of water is the fastest way to directly get rid of water. Aphids are tiny soft body insects that hide deep inside the bud and downwards leave. Once they are blown off the plant, they rarely climb back again.

Insecticidal soap spray

This solution is a low-risk way to control the aphid.

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