How to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress?

Having bed bugs in your house is a kind of nightmare, isn’t it? And getting rid of these tiny, deadly, and difficult pests is even more stressful. Calling pest control services can be a solution but not everyone can afford to call them. The biggest disadvantage in calling a pest control exterminator is to vacate the area.

Chemical use in the place where you sleep could be quite dangerous for you. But still, there are some insecticides present in bed bug control product are safe to use on mattress and pillow as well. If you use organic products for bed bug killing that will be icing on the cake for use in places such as mattresses and pillows.

You can also use essential oil to keep these nuisance pests away from your house.

Should the sleeping place change after knowing about bed bug infestation?

should change place because of bed bug


Changing the place where you sleep before after get to know about bed bug infestation sounds like a bad idea. If switch place bed bug infestation will move further with you to the other places as well. And maybe in no time, you have bed bug infestation all over your house.

What you should do in this kind of situation is make your bed safe instead of moving. One of the best solutions, that I find safe and effective is using organic pest control products be it spray or powder.

To get away from bed bugs should we spray on a new pillow and mattress?

If I say the answer in one word, Yes! You can use spray or powder on the mattress and pillow. The only case is you have to consider the quality and chemicals that are present in that product. Some pesticides can be used on mattresses.

You can always consider using organic products, which are completely safe to use and effective as well. Nowadays there are some bed bug killer products are available that consist of essential oil to eliminate bed bugs problem and work effectively on other insects as well.


bed bug killer


Some products contain natural ingredients to kill the pest, you can always prefer them to use first instead of chemicals. Just like Pai’s bed bug killer which is made of earth minerals to terminate bed bugs by using dehydration process. 

Essential for bed bugs

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree oil is a great repellent to keep bed bugs at bay. Although tea tree oil can’t eliminate all bed bug infestations, it still is a great start to terrifying the bed bugs present in your house.


tea tree essential oil


Tea tree is a high anti-oxidant and comes in a very concentrated solution, and it has some allergic reaction to make pests feel uneasy and eventually die.

Even if you use tea tree oil on your skin directly in an adequate amount it will irritate your skin and will make you feel pain. The same condition goes with pests as well. And keeps using essential oils make the situation worst for the pest.

 Like tea tree oil there is some other essential oil as well to work well against pest Rose oil, Citronella oil, to name a few. In these essential oils, there is a substance added called geraniol, which works well against a variety of pests.

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