How to get rid of bedbugs without an exterminator?

Bed bugs are the most difficult pests once they take place in your house. Treating bed bugs can take the longest time if the infestation is severe. Having clutter in the home can make the infestation level even worst.

When bed bugs infest your home, whether to call an exterminator or not is the big question. And the fact that not everyone can afford an exterminator raises the question bedbugs can be killed without experts. If that concerns you too, don't worry; you can terminate yourself with the correct procedure.

Steps to follow to prevent bedbugs

  1. Identification of problem
  2. Create a plan to deal 
  3. DIY solution or bio-pesticides
  4. Prevention

To get the best results, all the steps must be followed carefully.

Identification of problem

Correct information about the problem can help deal with the situation. Inspect all the areas you doubt have a bed bug infestation. Remember to check the familiar spot, such as bed framing, sofa corners, and switchboards, to name a few.

Create a plan to deal with.

After evaluating the bed bug infestation, decide what product or method should be used. Choosing the technique beforehand for infestation evaluation can lead you to the best and fastest results. Also, make a plan to prevent future infestation. Also, prepare for an alternative solution; if one doesn't work, it is essential to change the product.

Good planning can be the key to good results afterward. Also, tracking the process will help with keeping infestation in check.

DIY solution for bio-pesticide

To keep the infestation from spreading and eliminate the use of pesticides is necessary. Spray the solution deep inside the corners of bed bug-infested places. 

Using pesticides will eliminate the bed bugs that have existed in your house. Pesticides for bedbugs are available in two forms one is a spray, and the other is powder. 

The spray works on the digestive system of the bedbugs and kills them after ingesting the toxic element in the mist. However, bed bug powder usually works on the dehydration technique. It sticks to the bed bug's body and kills them by dying out the oils in its skeleton.

Make sure to use the pesticide until you eliminate the infestation.

Bed bug powder

Pai Organics bed bug powder is an organic solution to deal with. It is a fine powder that kills bedbugs by dehydration process. It sticks to the insect's body and dries out all the oil compounds from their death.


  • Once you eliminate the problem, preventing them from returning is essential. 
  • Seal the cracks and small hiding places to prevent future infestation. Check the house regularly for any other problem that can lead to an infestation. 
  • Discard the furniture if it can't be separated from bed bugs. All the items that can't be treated should be packed in zip-lock bags and either thrown away or kept in direct sunlight. 
  • Make clear the garbage-filled bedbug-infested items as soon as possible. 

Killing the bedbugs is not as hard as some statements make them. They can eliminate if the correct method and products are being used. 



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