How to get rid of cockroaches without killing them?

Cockroaches are the problem we must have suffered at least once. Having cockroaches in the home is horrible as they wander around everywhere in the kitchen. And it’s a disgusting experience for especially hygiene lovers. Cockroaches thrive in warm and dark places.

Roaches find the area where they can easily find food and water source. And once they find the ideal place for them, it is hard to get rid of them afterward. They usually take place inside the cupboard, water heaters, drains, etc. They are also fast crawlers making it hard to find where exactly they hide.

However, if you still don’t want to kill them and just wanted to keep them at bay methods listed below are for you.

Keep roaches at bay

There is a variety of things that can keep roaches away from your kitchen without killing them.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves have a strong pungent smell that cockroaches don’t like and stay from it. Crush a bunch of dried bay leaves and place it around the kitchen or sprinkle it in the corners. Fresh bay leaves can be used in place of dried ones.

If you are aware of their hiding place it will be best to place the crushed leaves near them. and don’t miss the place like behind the refrigerator, cabinets, etc.

Keep the hygiene

Hygiene is the key to keeping pests out. Keeping good hygiene reflects fewer places for roaches to hide and live in. sweeping the floor right the use is a way to keep your house less attractive for cockroaches to come in.

Make sure to dispose of the rubbish out of the house regularly. A clean house is less likely to infest with pests than a dirty one.

Use of traps

Traps are a way to attract the roaches in a particular area and dispose of them together. It is a chemical-free and safe solution to get rid of pests. A simple glass jar can be used to make an effective trap for roaches.

Fill up the empty jar with water till half full. And grease its corner with Vaseline to make it slippery for roaches so they can’t come outside.

Add attractive stuff like food scrapes or peanut butter inside the jar to attract the roaches inside it.

Place the trap on different areas to trap the cockroach with it.

Cucumber with aluminum

For some this method proved effective but for a few others, it had no use. So try and find how this method reacts to your cockroach problem.

Cucumber attracts cockroaches. But putting it in aluminum cause some kind of chemical reaction and extracts a weird smell. This weird putrid smell leads to cockroach death.

Sticky traps

The use of sticky tapes isn’t something that you try. But it’s worth capturing cockroaches. Use good quality sticky tape and arrange it near cracks, openings, and places where you doubt cockroach activity.

Cockroaches are most active at night it will be best to the process before going to bed.

A cockroach can cause harmful diseases so it is necessary to keep them at bay. But if they keep coming back so will be better to use a permanent solution like cockroach gel baits.

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