How to get rid of garden pests naturally?

And this may affect the natural beauty of the garden. Using organic pesticides and natural remedies is the best option in this to terminate the pest without any side effects. Organic and natural solutions are cost-effective as well. Even some of the remedies you can find in your kitchen.

Organic garden pest solution

Best soil combination

Soil can be the savior for plants. Good soil conditions can keep the pests away from the plant. Compost can be a great help to keep soil health in check. Compost adds nutrition to the soil and boosts the capacity of the soil.

Add the compost during the growing season to benefit the most to the plant. Compost will increase the growth rate of plants by providing more nutrients to them. Also, consider changing the soil to the new one.

clean soil vermicompost

Organic pesticides or pest resistance compounds

If pests attack the plant we are left with no other option than to terminate them first. Otherwise, they can completely ruin the plant. Neem oil makes a good repellent to treat aphides (very common insects).

To make pesticides with oil dilute a few drops of liquid soap, a few drops of neem oil, and water. Mix the solution well and fill the spray bottle with it. spray the solution on plants' leaves and flowers.

Note – do the patch test before using the solution on the complete plant.

Watering and pruning

Watering and pruning at right time makes big difference. Watering can help plants grow well and protect plants from yellowing, wilting plants, burning, falling leaves, and many more. On the other pruning will keep the plant safe from more damage.

Also, it would be best to water the plant early morning, because plants need water for photosynthesis. Watering the plant with enough pressure will remove the pests from the plants.

Control weeds

Weeds compete with your plant to get nutrients from the water like a resource. This decreases the reachability of nutrients, to plants and invites pests towards the plant.

Use of traps

Traps help the best when you want to deal with pests organically. Traps can be used around the plant to catch bugs. This is the best option for the early rainy season when small mosquitoes stick to our plants.

Sticky traps are also very beneficial to stop the pests from going from one to another plant. Place the stick traps between the plants you will notice many bugs attached to them.

Plants are grown with love and care so when bugs attack the plants, it’s heartbreaking. But sometimes we cause harm to plants by using chemicals. Protect them and use organic solutions to treat any problem.




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