How to get rid of lizards at home fast?

Lizards are another common that we encounter in our homes along with roaches. Lizard brings filthiness and terror with them. One sight of the lizard in the room before sleeping ruins the all sleep until the lizard doesn’t get out of the room.

Lizard eggs and droppings become the reason for your home being unhygienic and dirty. The problem associated with lizards doesn’t stop they also carry bacteria such as salmonella. Lizards are not only disgusting but they bring health problems too.

Many chemicals can be used to get rid of lizards but they can lead to many other problems with skin allergies to name a few. Organic solutions are a way better solution to get rid of pests with 100% effectiveness and safety. So let’s learn about some safe and effective solutions to terminate the lizard problem.

Precautions are essential to be safe

Lizards are good to have in homes as they prey on other insects. But when you come across lizards in your home there is a chance of you will run in the opposite direction. The lizards we encounter in our house are not dangerous but having them is still frustrating and filthy.

Cover the food

Exposed food – high chance of lizards having a party in there. So don’t leave food uncover, and wash all the pans after cooking. So that lizard doesn’t use these places as their station for breading.

Seal any crack or opening

Any cracks or holes near the window, the door is an easy and good entry point for the lizard and many other pests. These spaces also become the point for pests to hide.

To cut off these spaces either use the screens to seal them off or use silicon or urethane to fill up the cracks.

Use of homemade solutions

Nothing is better than using a homemade solution. As those solutions are safe to use and have no side effects at all.

Onion and garlic

Onion and garlic have a strong and pungent smell that may not be bad for us. But for lizards, it’s so irritable and frustrating that they can’t stand against it. Placing onion slices and garlic clove will lead to getting rid of lizards. And the strong smell of onion and garlic will stop the return of lizards.

Vinegar lemon and pepper spray

In the list of smells that lizards hate lemon and vinegar are also included. On the other hand, pepper spray will work on irritating the eyes and skin of the lizard. You can easily make vinegar lemon pepper spray with a few steps.

Mix water vinegar and a few drops of lemon then add black pepper to it. Fill up the spray bottle with the solution and shake the solution well. Spray this solution in the most affected area or directly on the lizards to keep them away from your house.

Essential oil for lizards

Citronella and lemongrass are great essential oil to keep the lizards at bay. If you want a nice smelling house along with getting rid of lizards using citronella essential oil will be the best for you.

On the other hand, lemongrass is a great solution to terminate insects like a mosquito. And mosquito is one of the insects that lizards eat. And reducing the source of food for lizards eventually stops them from coming into your house.

Organic repellent to get rid of the lizard

This is the solution for those who don’t have time to make their solution. Organic repellents are made of natural substances that are non-toxic and safe.

Our Lizard Repellent Spray is also a solution made of natural substances to deal with lizards. It is available as ready to use solution and a 100% effective and safe solution.

  • Oct 14, 2022
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