How to keep lizard out of the house? Simple ways

To keep the home completely hygienic and clean keeping the pest out is one of the best options. Pest spread the filth in every corner they move to and put an end to our home cleanliness. In all pests Lizard has a special talent.

One sight of lizard can run series of terror in a human. Especially if lizard comes in your room at night it ruins your satisfying sleep. In Indian homes lizard can be found in every other house. However home lizard aren’t hazardous or poisonous pest. But their presence can still ruin the smiling day.

Lizard termination is also necessary to protect the children in the house. Lizards that we find in our home are poison-less but they do carry of disease. And by going over our food, dishes, other things that we use for having food, etc they spread bacteria and ultimately in our bodies.

What draws lizard to your home?

Food is something all pest works for and leftover food attracts lizards. High temperature also attracts lizards as warm place is ideal place for them to live. Similar to human water is necessity for lizards as well.

Methods to keep lizard away

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is great option when you don’t want to kill the lizard. Pepper spray will irritate the skin and eyes of lizard and make them go crazy. This can also lead to allergic reaction in lizards. Lizard doesn’t come to the place where pepper spray has been sprayed.

To make pepper spray, dilute water and black pepper and shake the mixture well. As alternative red chili flakes, hot sauce, and red chili powder can be used.

Onion and garlic

Onion and garlic have pungent smell that keeps all pests away including lizard. It is good to keep lizard at bay without harming them. Place the onion slice and garlic cloves in every corner of house.

If placing onion and garlic bothering you than make the spray using them. Put the water with onion and garlic and use the spray on lizards.

Reduce the temperature

Lizards are warming blooded and can’t stand low temperature. Reducing the temperature of the will make lizard uncomfortable and they will automatically leave the room.

Empty egg shell

Putting egg shell in the area lizards’ visit will stop the lizard from coming back. Pungent smell of egg shell will keep lizard away. Make sure to wipe the egg shell before using.

Note – Don’t wash the egg shell it will reduce the pungent smell of shells.

Dispose the unused food

Waste or unused open food invites lizards. It is also a preventive method to reduce pest problem. This is an easy and workable approach to keep the lizards out. Clean the spills and crumbs from the floor. Don’t let the leftover food being open, keep them in air tight container.

Clean the cabinets and drawers regularly also mop or vacuum the floor daily. Put the waste in dustbins, and keep the surrounding area of dustbin clean.


  • Nov 21, 2022
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