How to kill bed bugs at home?

Have you being witnessed bed bugs in your house? Then you must know how frustrating it is to have deadly pests like a bed bug. These tiny pests can steal your sleep with their itchy bites and gift you big red spots all over.

How bed bugs can ruin your peace?

Bed bugs are tiny-sized, brownish insects that live on human and animal blood. These little devil pests can’t fly but they can crawl very fast, bed bugs even can crawl on walls and ceilings very easily. Few bed bugs can turn into infestation in no time.

The reason behind this is a female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs. Immature bed bugs are known as a nymph and they grow and shred on having the meal of blood. In the condition where they can get their meal as much they want and favorable atmosphere nymph can grow as an adult in a month.


bed bugs


Bed bugs mostly live your bed and sofa over the places where can they easily reach their meal (blood). And they are mostly active during the night to bite you and steal your peaceful sleep. Bed bug bites a person in a group of bites.

The bed bug can bite you unnoticed, as mostly bed bugs bites are painless at first but turn into itchy welts later sometimes painful too. Bed bug bites can sometimes also be misunderstood as mosquito bites.

Sign of bed bug infestation

  • If you experience a sudden offensive musty odor from the bugs, it indicates bed bug infestation.

  • Other than this if have red welts on your body that weren’t there when you go to sleep it defines that you have a bed bug infestation.

  • Bloodstain on your bed sheets and pillow.

  • In case of heavy infestation, you may also spot eggshells, bed bug fecal spots, or shed skin of bed bugs.

Method of bed bug termination

Bed bug treatment starts with identifying the problem where bed bug lives and hides.


bed bug treatment


Bed bug termination includes several methods, it depends on your preference or choice of what you want to select as a bed bug termination method. 

Firstly start with cleaning your house well. Remove the entire bedding curtain, and wash them in with hot water. Also, dry them with the highest drying temperature point. Vacuum the house completely.

Heat treatment/Cold treatment

The bed bug can be treated with the highest and lowest temperature. Sealed the items in a plastic bag and if possible put them in the freezer at the lowest point. And you can also leave them in direct sunlight for 7 to 14 days.

For cleaning of the bed frame, baseboard and other furniture steam (wet or dry) can also be used.

Organic method/organic product

For people who don’t like to use the chemical as their pest solution, this option is bliss for them. There are multiple products available but the question always arises if it will work or not. So let’s discuss a product I know works great against bed bugs.

Pai’s Bed Bug Killer

The bed bug killer is a product prepared by natural minerals using a complicated formula. This product works on a dehydration method to kill a bed bug.

This is a very fine powder that is stuck to the bed bug and kills them by dehydration.


bed bug killer


This is an organic solution so it can take more time them any chemical way. But it is a completely effective, safe, and non-toxic method.

Chemical ways

Except for organic ways you can always use chemical treatment.

If nothing works for you to control bed bugs call the pest exterminator to solve your problem.

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