How to get rid of Termites at your home?

If this happens to you, you sit for dinner, and the table sounds hollow. The bad condition of your furniture can be due to termite infestation. Once the termites make their way to your home, they can destroy your home's luxurious furnishings and foundation, as they feed on wood.

Termites are very strenuous to eliminate, primarily because of their inconsiderable size.

One of the biggest reasons termites are hard to deal with is they are only detected when they do considerable damage, which makes pest control even more necessary. In addition, termites live in large colonies in 1000 numbers, which makes it very hard to get rid of them.

How termites enter your house:

Termites are tiny species that create mud tubes (as small as ¼ inch) that connect the ground to your house, furniture, etc.

  1. Termites are attracted to wood as they feed on wood. Whether it is moist or dry, it doesn't matter to them.
  2. As all other pests are mainly attracted to moisture, termites also tend to fall in love with moist soil, even nothing better than having moist soil to create mud tubes for them.
  3. They also appear to have fun living in warm places. They tend to be undistributed, so they find a suitable hiding place, like empty pipes and tubes.

    Know where they hide:

    Prevention is the foremost technique to get rid of termites, as it is essential to know where you have the infestation problem to get relief.

    • Moisture is the main reason for inviting termites inside your home; it is necessary for any pest, including termites' colonies. Getting rid of the excess moisture and leaks from the house will prevent your home from termites and all other pest problems.

    • Examine the foundation of your house regularly several times throughout the year to ensure there is no sign of damage so that you can take action if there is any termite damage.

    • Termites love feeding on wood and soil; if they are provided wood joints with the earth, there is nothing more than that. So to prevent termites from entering your home, keep wood and soil at a distance.

    • Similar to wood, termites also feed on paper and cardboard boxes. They can come and make the pile of newspaper their home and stay in your home forever, so make sure to clear the clutter from your house and use plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes.

    • While choosing the expensive furniture for your home, check on the quality of wood used to make the sofa or bed you are buying. Inspect sufficiently to ensure that wood is sprayed with borate (chemical sprayed on wood to repel termites it socks into the wood) before painting and priming so that it will not attract termite infestation.

    Treatment of termites:

    1. Maintain proper ventilation and sealing, which are the key to checking moisture. Without adequate ventilation, underground or attics can build condensation there, making it the perfect place for termites to live and some other pests.

    2. Place an infected object indirect light of the sun for at least three consecutive days, as termites can't stand the heat.

    3. While constructing the house, consider at least an 18-inch gap between wood and soil, which is enough to keep termites at bay. A straightforward method uses a gravel bed to hold the termites at a distance.   

    4. We have already discussed that termites can't stand the heat, so heating the temperature to at least 120°F for more than half-hour will kill the termites.

    5. Using pesticide or pest control services can also give you relaxation from the termites, although you can always use natural ways to treat pests or termites.

    After the home termite treatment problem, consider doing prevention so that they don't enter your home again.

    Buy natural termite repellent to eliminate biggest threat to your home.

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