How to recognize a bite of dengue and a normal mosquito?

When the rainy season comes, many bacterial and viral infections come. However, it mainly comes with many mosquitoes that bring dangerous diseases. Mosquitoes are even famous for passing dengue, malaria, and zika virus-like hazardous conditions.

Terminating mosquitoes becomes a necessity when they spread the deadly disease. But the question arises, “Do all mosquitoes spread deadly disease?” and the answer is No! Not all mosquitoes spread deadly diseases, although they are irritating, and their bites are so itchy.

Among all the diseases escalated by mosquitoes, dengue is famous and widely infects almost 400 million people every year. And nearly 96 million of them suffer from severe illnesses due to dengue. Dengue is a painful disease that spreads because of the virus dengue, carried by the Aedes mosquito species.

What do dengue mosquitoes and their bite look like?

Dengue carrier mosquitoes (Aedes Mosquitoes) are tiny, dark-colored mosquitoes with white lyre-shaped markings on the legs and thorax. Aedes mosquitoes have multiple white stripes on their surface, making them look like a tiger. So Aedes mosquitoes are also known as tiger mosquitoes.

In this species of mosquitoes, female mosquitoes are more extended than males. Mosquito bites people during dawn and dusk, especially a few hours before and 2 hours after sunset.

Difference between dengue bites and regular mosquito bites

Dengue mosquito bites appear as red color bumps and are very itchy. Aedes mosquito usually bites at elbows and ankles.

Dengue bites are much redder and cause more itchiness than regular mosquito bites. That is the only point where dengue mosquito bites differ from frequent ones.

Does dengue kill people?

Dengue fever is an output of a virus that the dengue-infected Aedes mosquito transmits to humans. The same species of mosquito also are the cause of chikungunya, zika, and yellow fever.

Note: Dengue is not developed inside the Aedes mosquito. Instead, they work as a carrier for this virus. Aedes also get mostly infected from sucking the blood of a dengue-infected person. And only female mosquitoes are responsible for transferring the dengue virus.

There are four kinds of dengue virus strains available that can cause dengue. If one develops immunity against one type of strain, it is possible to suffer from dengue again if other dengue strains infect us a second time.

Although dengue can be cured if a person gets treatment, it can be dangerous, even fatal, if treated on time.

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What are the symptoms of dengue fever?

Dengue symptoms are visible within 2-3 days of mosquito bites, but sometimes it can take one week to show signs. You may suffer from mild and severe symptoms in the case of dengue.


Dengue Symptoms


Mild case dengue symptoms

Mild symptoms may reveal during the early stages of dengue, and these are

  1. Extreme headache

  2. High fever

  3. Pain in joint and muscle

  4. Nausea and vomiting

  5. The sudden appearance of red patches vanishes and again pops up.

  6. Eye pain (typically behind the eye)

Severe symptoms of dengue

If you find out about dengue early and treat it, you may not have to be troubled by acute symptoms. Only 1 out of 10 people suffer from acute symptoms.

  1. Bleeding from nose, mouth, and gums

  2. Vomiting blood or blood in stool

  3. Feeling tired, restless, and having a weak pulse

  4. Belly pain or sensitive stomach (tenderness)

  5. Internal bleeding (can lead to black vomit and stool)

Prevention from dengue mosquito

  • Aedes mosquito breeds in stagnant water, so clean the standing water source so mosquitoes can’t find any reference to lay eggs.

  • Use mosquito repellent regularly. Try Pai’s Anti-mosquito repellent; it’s made with a unique formula using all organic substances.

  • Wear full sleeves clothes and full pants.

  • Regularly empty and clean the container for birds.

  • Close all the doors and windows 1 hour before sunset so mosquitoes can’t enter your home.

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Aram May 24, 2023

This is just plain wrong. There is no scientific evidence, let alone proof, that dengue mosquito bites near dusk or dawn. Nor is it true that its bite is more itchy/redder than the regular mosquito’s.

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