How to reduce pests without chemicals?­­­­­

Pests are a big problem we have to deal with at least once in life. They invade our homes and garden with a lot of bacteria and problems. Prevention is better than cure and fits perfectly in the case of pests. If preventions are well-followed, pests can be controlled before the infestation occurs. 

Pests’ termination is necessary, but what if the solution itself becomes a problem for our health? Chemicals are similar. They will solve the pest problems but also initiate the other health problem. Organic/natural pesticides and solutions are best in this case. 

Pests can cause trouble in our gardens and homes, too, but they can’t be treated with the same solution. Instead, different approaches must be taken to eliminate garden and home pests. 

Prevention for garden pests

Pruning, burning, and destroying the damaged part of the plants is the best method to follow. This way, plants will not catch the disease. Next, sterilize the soil to keep it in good condition and protect it from fungal and bacterial problems. You can also use a natural solution like neem spray on a timely basis to keep the pests away from your plants. 

Solution for garden pests

Most problematic and frustrating for the gardener is insects eating and damaging their plants. Cultivation and prevention of gardening habits can reduce this problem drastically. Adjust the PH level of soil by providing good drainage and air circulation.

  1. Keep your garden well prepared with composting to ensure healthy plant development. 

  2. As the plant grows, remove and dispose of the struggling and damaged part of the plant.

  3. Keep your garden clean because debris only invites pests into your garden. If you also have fruit or vegetable trees, then make sure to remove the fallen or rotten fruits.

  4. Use natural fertilizers to maintain the innate capacity to deal with soil problems.

  5. Grow some pest-resident plants in your garden to protect it from pests. And also, make sure to remove weeds or any other wild plants from the garden.

  6. Diatomaceous earth – it can make an effective barrier against pests.

  7. Natural spray – use the natural spray on time for general pest control.

Prevention of home pests

Similar to garden prevention is the technique of being well prepared before any infestation can take place. A moist and warm environment invites pests into the house. However, pests go inside searching for food, but moisture and warmth will lure them. 

Stop any leakage problem from your house if any exist. Block the holes and any area from where pests may enter your home. They usually enter through the windows and doors in the evening and dawn. So install the mesh window to protect them from entering and close the doors and windows in the evening.

Solution for home pests

Natural homemade solutions are the best, safest, and most effective for home pests. Vinegar, lemon, boric powder, and baking soda are incredibly readily available and effective ways to eliminate pests. 

All-in-one pest control

All-in-one pest control, also known as pai organics general pest control, is a concentrated solution that helps terminate all home pests. It is an organic method and needs to mix with water to use. It repels all home pests; spray the solution in the infected area. 

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