How to remove roaches from the refrigerator?

All your favourite things are placed in a refrigerator, including cold drinks, chocolates, etc. But when cockroaches appear in the fridge, it seems like a nightmare. You never want roaches anywhere in the house, and for your favourite place, it's an absolute no.

Why do cockroaches enter the refrigerator?

Cockroach prefers a warm place to stay; if you are aware of this, you may wonder why roaches enter the refrigerator. Cockroach infestation in the fridge starts from the motor, a hot spot. And cockroaches can easily access that part of the refrigerator.

Humidity near the motor, food crumbs, and water spills on the floor make the refrigerator ideal for roaches to survive. Unfortunately, getting rid of cockroaches in refrigerator motors is also challenging.

Cleanliness is also a significant reason for roaches to appear in the fridge. Most of the leftover food is placed in the refrigerator, which invites roaches. Also, when food is not set in air-tight containers, the scent of the food becomes bait to invite cockroaches.

If there are any gaps in the fridge, they provide an easy way for roaches to enter the refrigerator.

How do you get rid of roaches from the refrigerator?

get rid of roaches


We can't control everything about pest infestation at once. But let us learn the most effective, safe, and non-toxic solution for cockroach control.

Keeping the kitchen clean is vital.

Hygiene always comes first when we are talking about pests. For example, keeping the refrigerator area and nearby areas (such as the kitchen) clean will bay the insects off.

Mop and vacuum the floor regularly. Don't leave the food crumbs and any water spills for long. Keep the leftover food in air tight pack. Dispose of the food if it's not valid anymore.

Take action immediately at first sight of roach infestation. Otherwise, roaches will take over your whole house. Also, consider cleaning the fridge entirely if you see even one cockroach inside it.

Use of cockroach gel bait

Cockroach gel bait has been proven to be the most effective and fast solution to eliminate cockroaches. It comes in a tube or injection-type packaging. Gel bait is made with substances that lure cockroaches to eat the bait. And the active ingredients present in it will termite the roach problem completely.

In addition to this gel, bait is a non-toxic and safe formula against roaches.

Homemade solutions

  • Some substances in our house, such as boric acid, baking soda, white vinegar, bay leaves, etc., work great as a cockroach repellent.

  • Using boric acid and baking soda wrinkles them directly or make bait by adding sugar to them.

  • Mix equal white vinegar and water and spray the solution on the cockroach-prone area.

  • Bay leaves can be placed directly in the corner of the kitchen or placed in a bowl and keep it near a cockroach hiding area.

How do cockroaches affect the refrigerator system?

Cockroach dropping can spoil the wire in the fridge, and cockroaches can soil the refrigerator corner with their feces and droppings. In addition to that, cockroaches spread bacteria all over inside the refrigerator. And it can be dangerous as all our food stays in the fridge.

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