How to use cockroach killer paste/gel bait? How does it work?

Everyone home goes through cockroach infestation at least once. Once they enter your house it is hard to get rid of them. Especially the German roaches that are small in size. In this situation, we look for the most effective but safe-to-use solution.

Cockroach gel bait or cockroach killer paste is the safest solution and provides astonishing results. They might not work immediately like sprays do but they are also not harmful like sprays are. Cockroach killer paste works on terminating the roach problem from the root.

What is cockroach gel bait?

Cockroach gel bait is a food that has been used to lure roaches to kill them. It is blended with insecticide to terminate the roaches. The bait comes in form of cockroach gel and a bait station. Gel bait is a fast solution to terminate roaches after consuming it. But the effectiveness of gel baits can be ruined if they are applied in a wet place.

How to use roach killer paste?

Gel baits can be directly applied to the infected area. Apply the grain-sized dot of gel every 10 linear feet. However, the distance of the dots may vary with the level of the infestation. For best results do not leave the corners, cupboards, etc like areas.

For heavy infestation use 3 to 5 dots in every 10 linear feet distance, you can also use this for quick relief. For moderate infestation use 1 to 3 dots in 10 linear feet distance. And for low infestation use 1 dot per 10 linear feet distance.

How do gel baits work?

Gel bait uses the cockroaches eating habits as tactics to deal with them. Cockroach eats anything they across including their feces, dump, etc. Similarly, when they hunt for food they also consume the gel bait and go back to their accommodation.

The toxic ingredient present in gel bait will start working in a few minutes and kill them. And all the other roaches which came in contact with infested cockroaches will also die. Eventually, this situation will lead to the termination of the entire roach infestation problem.

Problem with gel bait


Gel bait doesn’t work when they are placed in wet areas, or place filled with moisture. Also if they are out for a long time they will be dry out and less appealing to cockroaches. These situations lead to unconsumed gel bait by roaches.


Gel baits should be placed in a dry area. Also if baits are unconsumed for a longer time change them with new dots.

How long roach bait takes to work?

Roach bait does work like sprays which contain a high amount of chemicals. Cockroach gel bait starts killing roaches in approx 2-4 hours after consumption. Bait allows roaches to live in the meanwhile so that they can roam around and brings more cockroaches to the gel bait.

Cockroach gel baits are the easiest and safest solution to use around. It is a DIY solution that everyone can use on their own with just an easy-to-follow technique or method.

  • Jan 11, 2023
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