If our eyes filled down the mosquito killer then what will we do?

Mosquito killer, ant killer, cockroach killer, and other pest control product that we use at home can be dangerous sometimes. When we use a chemical-based product it seems like they are okay, but it can turn out most dangerous if goes into the eyes.
It is not only painful but can risk the loss of an eye if not treated correctly or timely. Any chemical can be highly unfavorable when it comes to children. Accidents with chemical exposure can happen to anyone.
But with a child chemicals in the eyes can become vision-threatening in less than five minutes. Children are at greater risk has more than one reason. The child can be attracted to the scent of chemical pesticides and can swallow, spill on them unknowingly.
Not only at home you are at risk of being attacked by these chemicals while using or accidental exposure to the chemical. But in the working environment also you can be exposed to harmful material.
We can control the chemical use at home to stay safe from the harm that chemicals can cause. But we cannot control chemical use everywhere. So the best option to protect yourself, from injury is to be cautious and avoid places with high chemical use.

Symptoms of chemical exposure

If we tend to understand the symptoms well then even not full treatment but primary care can be provided correctly. Symptoms of chemical exposure to the eye include burning, pain, blur vision, and tearing.
Depending on the person and exposure level include corneal swelling, infection, scar tissue, and permanent loss of vision. One should not delay contacting to doctor immediately if you come through any symptoms.

What should be done when facing chemical exposure to eye

Even before going to the doctor, immediate response to the injury also should be taken.

Flush the Eye

flush the eye


Person eyes should be rinsed immediately in a gentle shower. The person's face position should be down (injured eye should be down). High-pressure water should be avoided.
Flush the eye with lukewarm water will be best in this situation. Wash the eye for 15 to 20 minutes continually.

Avoid rubbing the eyes.

In case you are wearing contact lenses try removing with water or with your hand after flushing the eyes with a water well.

safety after chemical exposure to eye


If possible make the injured person wear sunglasses to protect the eye from light sensitivity while waiting.

Get Medical Help ASAP (As soon as possible)

Call the eye doctor for an emergency checkup and go to see the doctor as soon as possible.
Some chemicals being in the eye aren’t very painful but they can be most harmful.
If possible know that which chemical got into your eyes so that the medical team can give the right treatment immediately.

Follow Up

Once we get treated follow-up is the most common thing that we usually avoid. But it’s very necessary to get a follow-up with the doctor to get complete treatment.
The health care provider can flush your eye with saline solution correctly until it gets to the right PH.
And to make sure it will not cause any problems in the future as well.

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