Important tips to save yourself from mosquito and mosquito repellent

The mosquito carries some serious diseases like malaria, dengue, and the Zika virus. Using the right insect repellent can solve your problem with a mosquito. We all know that mosquitoes can dangerous.
But it gets more hectic if we come to know that the repellent we are using against mosquitoes can be dangerous too. Chemical-based mosquito repellents contain DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide).
Here are some tips to protect you, from mosquitoes and toxic mosquito repellent.

Mosquito a big trouble

Mosquitoes are indeed troublemakers, and vexatious. You should get rid of them not only because they are bothersome but also they can be dangerous.
There are several options available to get rid of mosquitoes from using dadi nani ke nuskhe to toxic pesticides. But it all depends on us what we will choose a safe solution? Or toxic chemicals that terminate the mosquito but will create even more trouble.

Where to start to get rid of mosquitoes?

  • Keeping good hygiene in the house will be a great start to keep mosquitoes at bay.

  • Clear the clutter.

  • Make sure there are not any tubes, buckets are placed openly on your terrace or backyard. They can be the source of standing water that is the biggest source of mosquito breeding indirectly mosquito.

  • To stop the mosquito from entering your house install a nylon screen or wire mesh.

  • Use some remedies like clove, lemon, mosquito rackets, or mosquito spray to terminate the mosquito.

Use right mosquito repellent


right choice for mosquito repellent


Using the right repellent for any insect is a key point to keep them away. Also choosing the right mosquito repellent that assures it does not have any side effects on you and your family's health.
As we have discussed earlier mostly all chemical-based repellents are based on DEET. This is a harsh chemical that can be very dangerous if precautions are not followed carefully.
I would suggest using a natural or organic product. Organic products are safe and as effective as any other chemical product. And because of their all-natural or nontoxic feature, they are completely safe to use around kids as well.

Fragrance (Essential oil) for mosquito

Essential oils demand is increasing day by day. As the research is going they are gaining popularity in all directions.
Perfume, floral scents are kind of fragrance that attracts a mosquito to your house and you. So you should avoid this kind of aroma in your house and as your perfume.
But there is an aroma that essential oils such as citronella, peppermint, lemongrass, Neem, and lavender contains. These scents are known to repel mosquitoes instead of inviting them.


essential oil for mosquito

Organic mosquito repellent spray

Organic mosquito repellent spray that is available at market easily you can use them too. Organic repellent sprays are efficient to use and completely safe as well.
Pai Organics Anti Mosquito Spray is also one of the great repellent sprays. It is completely organic made from all-natural ingredients and essential oil blends such as citronella, neem, tulsi, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Pai Organics Anti Mosquito Spray
  1. It has no chemical, is 100% DEET free and nontoxic.

  2. It lasts up to 12 hours after spray.


As the choosing right, the mosquito spray is necessary similarly precaution is also important. It has no use if just forgot after using the repellent once. Precaution consist of some simple but key point.

  • Keep the house at all hygiene state.

  • Clear the clutter and empty the water containers at least once a week.

  • Keep the surroundings clean, unhygienic surroundings will invite insects and diseases to your home as well.

  • Wear full-length clothes before going out especially after summer.

  • Wear essential oil or some mosquito protection spray before going out.

Going organic and having problem-solving at the same time is nothing better than this situation. But in case nothing works for you then contact pest exterminator soon.

  • Jan 10, 2022
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