Is anti cockroach gel safe for human or not?

Cockroaches are one of the most common problems that everyone faces in their houses. And the solution usually which is suggested is gel bait. 

But something that we use for our home must be safe for pets and family. This always raised the question like is it even safe to use the gel inside the home? What if a pet or child consumes the gel bait mistakenly?

It is a must to know what we are using in our home is completely safe for our family.

Cockroach – A big problem

We all are aware by the fact that how filthy, disgusting, or nuisance cockroaches are. But many may not know that cockroaches can also make you ill. In the worst case, cockroaches can be the reason for your death.

But the problem becomes worst if you get to know that, the solution becoming the problem. What if the problem also turns out to be the problem? 


cockroach gel


Toxicity of Cockroach Gel

There are lots of cockroach gels are available. And the toxicity depends on the fact that what additives are present in cockroach gel. Mainly the ingredients which are highly toxic in the repellent gel are Active ingredients.

There is a lot of active substance like “Sulfuramid” that uses as an active ingredient in cockroach gel. Sulfuramid like active ingredient-based gels is extremely dangerous to humans and pets. They can be deadly if swallowed or consumed erroneously.

Although there is a lot of product like Pai Organics Cockroach Dot are based on “fipronil” as an active ingredient. 

“Fipronil” based cockroach gels are safe and consider as organic active ingredients to terminate cockroach problems. Fipronil is also approved internationally to terminate the cockroach problem. 

Fipronil-based cockroach gels are not very dangerous for pets and humans even if consumed mistakenly. One might feel uneasy or may not feel great after ingesting fipronil-based gel but it’s not deadly.

At max one will vomit after ingesting cockroach gel based on fipronil, and it will all be fine.

Note – All the facts are discussed above are based on consuming a small amount of cockroach gel bait that has fipronil as the active ingredient.

Additive in Cockroach Gel

cockroach gel additives


When we talk about additives in repellent products, the most common ingredient that should be known is “Active Ingredient”. 

Active ingredients present in cockroach gel

  1. Fipronil
  2. Boric Acid
  3. Indoxacarb
  4. Hydramethylnon
  5. Sulfuramid
  6. Abamectin

Fipronil is considered the least toxic ingredient and sulfuramid is the most toxic active ingredient from all discussed above.

Expect active ingredients other substances that differ from every other brand and are used to attract cockroaches. So that they can eat the bait.z

Alternative for cockroach gel


cockroach dot



Except for cockroach gel, some natural ways can be used to get rid of cockroaches. There are some substances that are present in our houses and can be used as a repellent against cockroaches.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are spices that are present in everyone's house. You must have used it for food. But do you know it is also great to keep cockroaches at bay? The pungent smell of bay leaves makes cockroaches run away.

Essential Oil

The essential oil can be found in any nearby store or online. Some essential oils like lavender oil, neem oil, and peppermint oil are great natural repellents to keep the cockroach at bay.

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