Are cockroaches killer enough to kill lizards?

Home lizards are not harmful or poisonous. Instead, a lizard can be useful in a way as they other creepy insects found in the home like mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc.

In some realign seeing a lizard on the festival of Diwali is considered as good luck.

But still on regular days who wants to see these creepy pests in their house. However, some people want to just get rid of lizards at any cost by hook or by crook (by killing them or by chasing them away from the house).

But some just want to keep the lizard at bay instead of killing them. So let’s dig into to know the several methods to deal with lizards.

What spray can kill a lizard?

Almost every family deals with a cockroach, so it’s common to have cockroach killers as well. If you start finding lizards at home as well then you might wonder can cockroach killers terminate lizards too.

 If you spray the cockroach killer once or little it might not affect the lizards. But spraying continues and a moderate quantity of cockroach killer may terminate the lizards too. As lizards are not able to detoxify the poison fast to live.

Even if lizards consume the cockroach killer gel bait continually that might also work to kill them.

Cockroach pesticides that consist of beta-cyfluthrin or harsh chemicals are more effective against lizards.

Can pesticide-affected cockroaches kill lizards?


Pesticide devours on other insect-like mosquitoes and cockroaches. So if cockroaches are affected by harmful cockroaches or spray and lizard eat them. It may somehow affect the lizards but it will not kill them.

However due to poisonous spray, if all the insects will die, lizards will move from the place in absence of food. Lizards need these insects to live so if they don’t find anything they will move out from the place.

Natural ways of killing a lizard

If you are someone who is against using chemical methods and want to get rid of the cockroach. Then these methods are made for you.

Baking soda

There have been myths like baking soda can kill cockroaches. But the fact is baking soda doesn’t kill the lizards. However baking soda works on terminating the other insect which lizards usually depend on for food.

So if there is no food for lizards they will leave the house or will change their place.

Epsom salt


epsom salt against lizard


Epsom salt somehow works as baking soda. Epsom salt may not terminate the lizards but it works on terminating their food sources.


Bleach effectively works on killing lizards. Bleach consists of corrosive chemicals, so if spray or pour the bleach directly on lizards it will burn their skin. Not only that bleach also ensure that their not any left egg as well by eliminating them.

Essential oil for lizard

The essential oil has an aroma that may be soothing for us but insect doesn’t find it pleasing. And run away. In the case of lizard Neem essential oil, and Lemongrass essential oil are very effective, as they have a pungent smell that lizard hates.


essential oil for lizard


Put the lemongrass oil or neem oil in a small bowl, and place it in the home. the pungent smell will chase the lizard away.


You must have heard of many ways of getting rid of lizards. But you will be surprised to hear that cold water can also make lizards run. Pest likes a warm environment and lizards are also clod blooded that is why you usually see the lizard in summer.

With proper planning of catching the lizard throw the cold water on them. cold water will make the lizard run and meanwhile, you can catch and dispose of the lizard.

Peacock feather

As we have discussed earlier too, some people don’t want to kill lizards but just want to make them run. So this is the perfect way to keep the lizard at bay.

Lizards are afraid of a peacock feather. The reason behind this is peacock eats lizard. So whenever the lizard saw the peacock feather they tend to run away from it.

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Shannon M Krueg November 22, 2023

Why kill lizards? And suggest such a horrible death! Just put them outside to eat the bugs!

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